From Obesity to Half-Marathon

As my first blog post, I’ve mostly used the same information from one of my About pages…but just in case you don’t read the About pages on a blog:

I’ve struggled with my weight and health for a long time. I’ve done the whole weight-loss thing with diets – but always the weight comes back. I’ve tried going to gyms to work-out, but end up quitting because I can’t stand people seeing me trying to lose weight – too public. These are my demons.

At the beginning of 2010, I began changing the way I eat. First, out went all the processed foods. That was an interesting change. I began cooking more and found that even though I had pretty much avoided it my whole life, I was pretty darn good at it.

After lots of research, I made the change to veganism. I’ve been vegetarian off and on throughout the years but in March, I went all the way. This is a process for me – I am always striving to be vegan but find it challenging at times when it comes to things I already own (Birkenstock leather shoes for example). But I keep going at it. After two months of being vegan, my fiancé’s blood pressure dropped and is now normal. He is NOT a vegan, but my new healthy food definitely made a difference in his life.

Now, I am working towards running a half-marathon. I’ve given myself the deadline of fall 2011. This ends up working out to be a 10K by end of the year and a 5K by October 1st.

Here we go…

P.S. In case you came to my blog thinking it was something else, I have revamped the whole thing to reflect my journey. So, you’re not crazy – I’ve changed the whole thing. 🙂


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