How Did I Get Here?

After doing this little challenge to myself for one week now, I decided to redo a blog I had but didn’t update very often. Not that it wasn’t a good little blog, but it didn’t really call out to me. While walking the other day, I was pondering my recent decision to start writing again (a long ago interest that had fallen by the wayside) and also thinking about this challenge I’ve given myself. And then the idea hit me:  duh, write about the challenge and the struggle it is/will be.

I’m all about revision and change so rather than being wasteful and just deleting the old blog to make a new one, I decided to revamp it. New theme, new posts, new purpose. I also decided that though I use wordpress and its themes, there was no reason to use its photos for the headers…not when I take so many pictures of the scenery around me! So don’t be surprised if you see the banners change along the way.

Anyway, it’s been a week. In the last year and a half, among many other things I’ve tried, I started the Couch to 5K thing a few times. A good friend of mine, whom I’ll just call K, has been my walking partner and life coach for awhile  now and she turned me onto it. But I could  never get it to work out for me. Something always got in the way, usually my knees. And then a couple of weeks ago, one of my other friends shared with me that she wanted to start the program. Weird how these things carry on to other people.

But I digress. How in the world did I go from trying to make the 5K thing work (and failing) to deciding to run a half-marathon? Through making a life list. Year and years ago, I made a life list (you may also see them called bucket lists) that included running a half-marathon. I had pulled it out again to read because I’m reading a book called Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Adams Miller and it is about creating life lists. I’m usually not a big “self-help” book fan, but for some reason, it had called to me. Anyway, there on my list was this thing: Run a half-marathon. Running a 5K and 10K were on there as well, but this one spoke to me. And here I go.

The weird thing is that I feel so good about it. Like, I can envision myself doing it. Crossing the finish line. And so far, no knee pain. Leg muscle soreness, yes. But no knee pain. My fiancé David is with me and that makes it more awesome. He says he doesn’t want to do a half-marathon but that he’ll do the 5K and 10K with me along the way. And he runs with me and encourages me to get out of the house and do it. I love him for that. Well, for many other things as well, but a lot for that.

I see this blog as being not just a record of my journey but hopefully as encouragement for others along the way. I can only imagine that there will be days where my posts are not so hopeful because I know this journey is going to be hard and trying at times. But that’s part of life and I’m ready for it. All of it.


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