Lesson for the Morning

Picture of Cleo, my dog.

This morning I learned an important lesson – do not take the puppy dog for a run at 5am. Normally we take everywhere we go and David has her on the leash. But he wasn’t all that excited about getting up at 5a and going for a walk/run with me so I went alone. Well, alone + the puppy dog (who is 17 months and a black lab). My young 80lb friend LOVES to go for walks with us but this morning was too much because she was just so excited.

Not that being an excited puppy dog is a bad thing – it’s quite cute. But it’s hard to jog when your puppy dog is trying to stop and eat/catch every cricket, locust, and other bug that is out at 5a at a park. Very hard to keep pace. She also “used the bathroom” four different times – one of them right when I was hitting the 2 minute mark on a jog and then BAM, my left arm is jerked back because she has stopped. Again. I was worried I was going to not have enough plastic poop bags with me!

So. Now what? I really enjoyed getting up this morning. Well, that’s not true. It sucked making myself do it. But I’m really enjoying how I feel now that I’ve done that and showered. I do love that part. So I want to continue getting up and going to the park but without D, I don’t think  the puppy dog can go with me. Which is going to be so hard to do in the morning.

I think I will also try to work harder on training her more to walk properly so she can go with. She normally does so well but this is the first time she’s been out at 5a with all those tasty bugs running around. 🙂


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