Today the Pain Started

As I was walking the steps off my deck this morning, I felt it – the knee pain. I knew it had to start at some point; in fact, I’ve been waiting for it. Every other time I’ve tried to do something healthy that involves exercise, the knee pain starts and gets in the way. But – I expected it and am not going to let it stop me this time. I hope.

The book I’m using as running guide is Teach Yourself Running – a book that was recommended to me. In addition to research into it, I find this the most helpful. It’s different than the “couch to 5K” sites I’ve seen because there’s so much focus on proper form and extra help in nutrition and overcoming obstacles. It has information on injuries and pain – I will be using that advice to get through the knee pain. I don’t want it to become a knee injury that shuts me down completely.

Yesterday we (David and I) joined the gym facility on campus. With the heat lately (temps in 100’s/heat index up to 115!), it has been so hard to get out there do something. We’ve looked at gyms in town, and found one we really like but it has $115 initial start up fee and we just don’t have that – much less enough for both of us to pay that ! I’ve avoided the gym on campus like the plague because I’ve been there years ago and everyone there was skinny and young (that *might* be an exaggeration) but one of my friends has been going there lately and she assures me it is different. So, we joined yesterday. Today after work is our first time trying it out. I’m hoping for good stuff to happen.


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