Morning Run Minus Cleo

This morning we – the “we” being David and I – were out the door by 5:05am. I am pretty impressed that he came with me. He’s not exactly a morning person. We didn’t take Cleo. I feel guilty about this because she so loves to go, but we wanted to be able to do the whole thing without stopping and waiting for her. But, once this darn heat breaks (seriously, the temperature high is 104 degrees today – that’s not the heat index) she will get to go on her nightly walks with us again.

I can now easily run for over a minute and am pushing two minutes. As I write that, it seems so pathetic that I’m talking only minutes but damn, it is hard. When we go out again on Saturday, we will do all runs at 2 minutes and I’m hoping to only have to do 1 minute recovery walks. I’m excited but this morning have something like shin splints happening so I need to look into that and figure out why/what is going on there.

Didn’t make it to the gym last night but only because of some life stuff got in the way. The whole evening was pretty much spent away from the house so nothing done there. But, tomorrow after David gets off work, we are headed to the gym for sure. Though I still fear there are bunch young skinny girls who will laugh at me. I know that’s ridiculous but it’s honestly where my head is at with it. Once I get there I’m hoping it’s not like that and the whole thing is in my head.

Oh – and I was surprised by the man in the drive-through at Starbucks today who gave my coffee for free today. I’ve stopped going there due to money but decided that I had enough change gathered and “deserved” a coffee. And then I got it for free! Sweet!



  1. kjh · August 13, 2010

    you are amazing! you can DO this.

    • Melia Erin · August 14, 2010

      Thanks. And that means a lot coming from you darling…you are, after all, my inspiration. 😉

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