So, I’m frustrated.

I have two goals in mind when it comes to this journey I’ve undertaken. One, I have wanted to be a runner since I was a kid and just never thought it was an option or a possibility until recently. Two, I want to be in shape and lose weight. You can see how these two things fit together nicely.

The scale tells me I’ve lost weight. Actually, 6lbs in the last weight. I’m excited about that. But – and here’s the part that gets me – I swear my clothes feel tighter. Mainly in the stomach area – it totally feels like I’ve gained weight! Ugh.

Frustration item number two: all I’ve eaten the last week is crap. Yes I realize that frustration items one and two are probably connected. But I don’t know what my deal is lately – and it’s not just crap, it’s unvegan crap. I ate processed nasty pasta the other day with a cream sauce – milk/butter based I’m sure. It’s like I just had a downfall. And then once, that was done, I figured what the hell? Why not eat a piece of unvegan cake too? Ugh. Of course, I’ve been vegan for long enough that my body has weaned itself off the poison that is animal-based food and I was sick the next day from it.

On a positive note, I worked out at the gym yesterday (during what ended up being a horrific storm that caused my university $250,000 of damage!) and then ran a half mile. A half mile! Me! So, that makes me happy. Oh, and I got the job that I had applied for and had been anxiously waiting to hear about…so all in all, life is super awesome.

Just the damn weight and eating crap thing that sucks. My goal is to overcome that overnight. Ha.


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