Rainy Run

As I write this tonight, I can say that I completely understand why people exercise and run in the morning and I am glad that I am making the choice to do that most of the time. Did you ever just have the most exhausting day at work that when you came home you were just, well, done? That’s where I’m at. Exhausted. I really don’t know if I could pull myself out of the house and into a workout.

But, that is not of concern because I went out at 5a this morning. I am so glad I did that. First, because now I am done for the day (with the workout/running at least) and also because I walked out of the house at 5a and it was raining! Not pouring, just raining. We went out anyway and I loved it. It seems silly to say, but I felt like a real runner-in-training while out there in the dark and the rain.

And, after I did a couple runs at 3 minutes each (with 1 minute recovery walks in between) and was pretty done (had been 15 minutes of running time all together), David challenged me to run the rest of the way around the park back to where our street intersects, a half mile run. And…we did it!! I was astonished. It took me 7 minutes so it was a slow run/jog, but I don’t care – I did it.

Today is a good day. Heck, this has been a heck of week or so for me! A new faculty tenure-track job and now today learned that I’ve been elected as a Faculty Senator to represent the faculty at my job. AND I RAN A HALF MILE!!!  A good day.


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