Still on Track

So after the whole debacle of thinking I can just start running and do whatever I want a couple of days ago, I figured I better get on track with a training program again. However, I’ve lent my running book to a friend and didn’t have it accessible to me. Since I’ve registered for a 5K now officially (yikes!) for October 2nd, I decided to just check out one of the couch to 5K running programs out there to see where I was at on that chart.

It seems I’m still on track, even with the couple of setbacks recently. I did the first day workout for week 5 this morning which is 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk and then added on another 5 min jog. All together it was a little over 2 miles this morning. I feel pretty good about that and that I am still doing well for doing the 5K in October.

I had an iPod setback and the darn thing broke a couple of days ago and I had to restore it. And now I’m refiling it with music. The cool thing is that now I have a new running playlist. It turns out you can go to to itunes and search for running music. Who knew? LOL. I am now saving up for new headphones (hey, money doesn’t just fall outta trees around here – you got to save for everything) because mine keep popping out of my ears, especially when running in rain or heavy sweat. 🙂  David has the kind that wrap around your ear and I am going to get those once I get the money.

Tuesday morning I am going to do run 8 min, walk 5 min, run 8 min workout from the couch to 5K and see how that goes.


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