Two Miles

I ran two miles yesterday morning. I did. I made it.

I told colleagues and friends yesterday that I was pretty sure the neighborhood was playing the theme song from Rocky at a quarter till 6a yesterday…or maybe it was just in my head.

But here’s the bad part of yesterday – I went home sick from work. By about noon or so, I was crashing hard into a mess of nausea and headache. I at first thought it was a migraine so I went home took drugs and slept for hours. But after waking up and drinking water (and I mean a lot of water!) I felt better by later evening. And here’s what I’m wondering:  if someone is stupid enough to run 2 miles and only drink enough water to take morning vitamins, will that person crash later due to dehydration? I’m going to look into this later. I must figure this out because I work too hard at my new job to have it messed up because I’m nauseous and in serious pain. Argh.

On happier news, I ran 2 miles yesterday.

The purchase of new headphones will be happening this morning. I am up and getting ready to leave town for a few days and have to go to the store to get some things first and while I’m there, I’m buying headphones. They’re just going to be $10 set from Wal-Mart, but at least they will not fall out of my ears. The last 1/2 mile yesterday was full of me shoving my headphones back in my ear. Not cool.

But, I ran two miles yesterday.

"Dance of Electricity" -Guy David - (creative commons license)


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