I think my body may be telling me something this morning. I think this because this morning it gave up on me.

On Sunday morning, I ran two miles while out of town around a park in my mom’s town. It was so windy that I lost time my 2nd mile because my pace had slowed so much against the wind. But I finished and it was awesome. Though – don’t buy iPod arm bands from Wal-Mart because the velcro on the strap will rub your skin raw to the point you want to cry. Just a little advice there for you.

But today. Today, I suck. I’m exhausted. Exhausted to the point that I can barely move and/or think. Running this morning was a joke. I could hardly pick up my legs and only went less than a mile before giving up. And then I went home and zoned out into a pile of nothingness.

Okay, okay, that’s a bit dramatic. But I’m concerned about the exhaustion.

Any thoughts?



  1. Livia · August 31, 2010

    Maybe it is just today cause I feel exactly the way you do, totally exhausted, except that I have no excuse for feeling that way. I don’t run.

  2. Melia Erin · September 1, 2010

    Ugh. It was in fact one of those days, wasn’t it? Weirdness. Maybe we need to take more breaks to have tea and coffee. 🙂

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