Mental Strength (or lack thereof)

Well, there is a definite correlation between how often I write here and how confident I feel about my running. This week has been a terrible week for running. Terrible. The saying “mind over body” is so true – it’s how I’ve been able to get up and run even though I’m obese. Unfortunately, it’s also true when I doubt myself. And I have so much doubt this week.

First it was the lack of proper water amount and nutrition that made for a crappy run. Then, the next time I learned that not running well the time before has serious effect on how I run that next time. Totally let my mind get in the way. Then the next time, the failure to complete my goal length the two times before made me feel like I couldn’t even finish a mile. And this morning, I went out later than normal and it was daylight this time. As in, “omg, people can see me and I am fat and run slow”. Yikes.

Wow. I need some serious revision on my mental outlook here. Hoping for some inspiration and going to go out again on Monday.



  1. Mom · September 5, 2010

    …..and then there’s the 14 year old who lost both arms in a farming accident and has taught himself to do EVERYTHING (including artwork) with his feet. Kind makes running and all of our other small challenges seem like a piece of cake, doesn’t it?

  2. Melia Erin · September 6, 2010

    Or, how about, “Erin, you can do this!” as motivation?

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