A Milestone

Or, to be more specific, a 3.5 Milestone. 🙂

This morning David and I went out to go around the park twice (that’s 2 miles) and the weirdest thing happened: I didn’t feel like stopping. When we hit the 2-mile mark, where we would normally stop and walk back home, I passed David and shot him a big ol’ grin and kept going. He asked me what time it was, I said 5:45a, and told him to go home (he had to be at work before I did today), and then kept going.

At first, I was just going to try and do 2.5 miles. But then I thought, why not try for 3 instead? And then when I hit 3 miles, I thought, might as well do 3.5 so I can see what a 5K really feels like. And that’s what I did. I can’t believe it. My legs felt like mush by the time I was done and during the walk back home, but I did it.

I’m so ecstatic.

One thing I did not expect about running: the emotions. When I did the 2 miles Tuesday night, I felt a little emotional toward that last .5 mile. This morning, I outright felt like I could cry. And I did a little. But it was a good cry. Does that make sense? It’s like, no one tells you about the emotions – except of course the runner’s high (which is awesome btw). Or, as I mentioned to my friend K this morning, maybe it’s just me who feels this and I’m a freak. LOL. In either case, it is so surreal. And this morning it was raining during the last mile or so and I had tears blended in with the raindrops.

I feel good about running again. And life is good.


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