Listening to Experts…

…is always a good thing.

After I had made the decision to start running almost every day, I actually read that you should NOT do that if you’re running for over 40 minutes at a time. The book I was reading said that if you’re running for over that amount of time, you should keep yourself to only running 4 times a week.

But, I told myself that it didn’t really count for me. I was different. I could handle it.

Surprise, surprise, the last two days have been “forced rest days” for me involving me icing my right knee and a strained quad muscle in my left leg. Saturday night I was completely hobbling, couldn’t even put weight on my knee. Sunday I was a little better but still limping.

I’m hoping to be well enough to run again tomorrow morning. And more importantly, to run the 5K on Sunday.

Stupid experts, always knowing what they’re talking about. LOL



  1. alibrariangirl · September 20, 2010

    Oh Melia, I’m so sorry! Bummer for sure. Next time you start something new, ask a librarian to help you find the information needed BEFORE you get started. They can help a lot when researching just about anything. Oh, wait. You’re….um…..never mind. 🙂

  2. Melia Erin · September 21, 2010

    I so needed a laugh this morning, thank you. I really needed that – and thank you for the e-mail. It was great to read some encouragement this morning. 🙂 I will send you an e-mail back but had to tell you how much your comment made me smile…

    melia erin

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