On the Road Again…

Or trail, rather.

I’ve done well taking care of my knees this past week and as a reward this morning, I went out and jogged a little. I only did 2 miles but it was great. I really love it – such an odd love to have I think.

But actually, it’s not totally odd – I’ve been reading the Born To Run book everyone’s been talking about recently. And I’m totally into it. McDougall writes about all these different people who run for the love of running – and I get it. So much so that I want to run an ultramarathon now. Okay, just kidding. Kind of.

I go to my first physical therapy appointment this morning. I’m looking forward to learning what I can do to help my knees. And I’m hoping that the staff is cool there – as in, they won’t give me the “um, you’re really fat and you think you can be a runner” look that I get often from people. Keep your fingers crossed.

Will definitely go out and run again this week – and on Sunday I’m going to go run on the Konza again. Well, I have a party go to Saturday night (my friend’s husband comes home from Korea this week and there’s a big party to welcome him home) and if I can manage to just drink water and not any beer or gin, then I’m going to run the Konza Sunday morning. Of course, if I was Tarahumara, partying the night before a run would be perfectly acceptable. LOL


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