New Run Time Today

Rather than getting up and running early this morning, I am going to run this afternoon instead. I work Saturday mornings and usually try to take Friday afternoon off in exchange.  I’ve wanted to experiment with different run times and see what difference time of day makes – of course skipping out on the evening-after-work run because that was a disaster last month. But today I’ll try afternoon.

Last night I was able to talk to a runner in person. I have friends in my life who run  (shout to K) but they don’t live in the same town; therefore,  I don’t often get to really sit down and talk to another running person about running. But that was pleasantly changed last night as I got to talk to a friend who just came home from Korea (and is married to one of my other friends). It was cool being able to hear his insight and advice. And it was cool to have a runner to talk to – I can’t even pretend to compare myself to him because he’s so advanced past me, but I’m hoping to some day get strong/good enough to be able to go running with him because I think running with someone would be really awesome.

Happy Friday y’all. Have a good weekend!


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