Struggling and Learning

It’s hard to keep a blog that is primarily about running and training for a half-marathon next year when you’re not running. In fact, it’s darn impossible.

The past couple weeks have been both frustrating and enlightening at the same time. You may remember that I started seeing a physical therapist. She has been amazing and while at first I thought she was just going to continue to cause me pain at each visit, turns out she knew what she was doing the whole time. No worries, I said the same thing to her last week – and we laughed together. She is really cool and I like her a lot.  After much work and getting my knee pain to calm down, she discovered the root cause of my pain. Turns out that my adductors are basically inflamed. There are a couple of different adductor muscle groups and the set that go all the way to your inner knee are what is on fire for me. You can read about it here (apologies for crappy website – I’m too tired to dig for a better site without ads). But here’s a pic (courtesy of

Adductor Magnus Muscle

How does that happen? Well, when you’re really tall, and have been since you were 12 (when you were horribly ashamed of it), you stop walking correctly. In fact, you don’t even bother to learn that there is a right way. For over 20 years now, I have taken very short steps, short stride, when I walk. And it’s worse when I run. After years and years of not using anything but a small amount of muscles in my legs, I now have horrible pain and inflammation. It’s so bad and I’ve now continued to work on how to walk, how to run, how to do squats, how to sit down (and get up), etc. Because I have never worked on using other muscles in my legs, it’s REALLY frustrating. I do a lot of stretches and exercises.

So…I now go out and run rarely, and when I do, it’s for very short distances. I walk a lot and ride my bike a lot to build up muscles and do other types of cross-training. But it’s frustrating because I feel like I’m starting over. Probably because I am. But I have made good progress – I noticed the other day that I walk now with longer strides without consciously telling myself to do so. So that’s good. I will try running again soon and hopefully be able to do that as well. That’s what’s been going on the last couple of weeks – learning and practicing and exercising. Whoo hoo. 🙂


One comment

  1. alibrariangirl · October 12, 2010

    Keep at it Melia! Learning about your body, paying attention to it, using it to the best of its ability, and trying to continue with exercise that (cautiously) pushes your strength could only be a good thing. Who knows, maybe we’ll still be reading your running blog for many years after your 95th birthday!

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