Some Sore Quads

Well, I went out and ran Tuesday morning. Woot! And it didn’t really hurt. I was definitely tired but it didn’t hurt – not my knees at all. So I was stoked. We did Day One from the book I have about running (I’ll post tomorrow a link to it because I don’t have it with me to even remember what the heck it’s called) which consists of warming up, then running for 1 minute and recovery walking for 2 minutes, repeat 6 times. Except we were already in the middle of mile 2 when were done so we added in one more set and then walked the rest of the second mile and home.

I felt good all day at work. I had more energy – so much so that when I got home from work and a stupid errand (an appointment with my insurance agent – i.e., a sales pitch), I quickly changed clothes and walked The Cleo with David for 2 more miles. So for those of you adding, that’s 4+miles yesterday. And I know you all haven’t seen David walk before, so let me tell you that he is a determined fast walker. Yikes. Sometimes I can hardly keep up with him!

Moral of the story? Holy cow do my quads hurt today! I actually think it’s from not stretching before walking with The Cleo and David, not the running! Which kind of cracks me up.

Today is a rest day. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be back out for Day Two of the Training! Yay!


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