Yard Work, Cravings, and Weather

Though I had hoped that yesterday would consist of a walk on the Konza Prairie, it instead consisted of yard work. We have a huge problem with overrun bushes and shrubs in our backyard – none of which are actually growing in our yard. They all belong to the neighbor but have grown up and over the fence to the point that there is an entire section of our yard that you cannot walk through. So, with Mumford & Sons on the iPod, I headed out with my clippers. And I was doing well until I noticed that there was a nest in the branches I was about to cut down – too late for me to not cut down the surrounding branches so the nest had already dropped about 4 feet (still attached the branch – the branch actually dropped). I saw that there was one egg and two itty-bitty baby birds – one of which had fallen out because of my cutting!!! I was a hot mess of distraught tears because there’s a real possibility that I just caused this bird’s death.

So. I first obviously stopped cutting down branches. I’ve heard a hundred times that you’re not supposed to pick up a baby bird and put it back because then the mom won’t come and feed it. But I couldn’t just leave it there! So I attempted to circumvent the issue by using a large leaf to pick it up, hoping that my scent wouldn’t carry over. Then I propped the branches up a bit higher and used all the cut branches I had to form a pile around the area – as a barricade for The Cleo puppy dog who I’m hoping will not discover the nest. And then I walked away and decided to work on the front yard for the rest of the morning. Later, I checked back and the mom bird had been back and she had retucked the two babies in the nest beside the egg. I didn’t have the heart to go look today but I suppose I better. I’m just so afraid that I caused baby bird death. 😦

But I digress. Let’s talk about running instead of my traumatic Sunday morning. Two things to report: first, I crave meat. You may not find this surprising or upsetting, but as a vegan, I find this terribly upsetting. I know it’s because of the running that I’m craving more protein and the problem lies in the fact that I had not prepared enough protein-rich food last week. And I was too lazy to cook. And then the worst happened: I ate meat AND cheese. Three times last week. I feel a bit like I’m in a confessional booth as I write this. Sigh. I was disgusted by myself for doing it. But, I’m better prepared now and spent some time yesterday afternoon meal-planning, shopping, and cooking so that I would be ready for the extra protein my body needs now that I’m running frequently. Yikes. I hope I don’t cave in again because I really was so upset. And of course sick because when you don’t eat meat or dairy for a very long time and then suddenly do, you get to be sick. Bloated. And other gross things I won’t write about here.

Second thing to report is that there is a difference between running in the rain and running in a thunderstorm. One is awesome; the other is scary and not awesome. I woke up this morning at 4:45 to crazy thunderstorms. But luckily I have the internet and watched the weather radar map – when my area hit the green area and not the scary red/yellow area, I headed out the door. Because I didn’t get out until later, I couldn’t go for as long BUT what I did do was almost run an entire mile without stopping – I only had two moments of recovery walking. And it was awesomely pouring rain. I do so love to run in the rain. I’m such a dork. There was still lightning in the far away background which also gave it an eerie feel but it was cool. And I ran for a long time – way longer than I was supposed to according to the training plan but it just felt good to keep going. So I did.

That’s all for now…since I’ve already written an entire novel here. Geesh.


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