Progress! And Frustration.

First and most importantly, the birds are okay. The momma bird came back and all is well. 🙂

This week has been tiring for sure. A combo of things like work and activities with the first week of doing something everyday for exercise. Except I didn’t do anything last night but sit on the couch after I got off work. So. Tired.

Wednesday morning we did pretty well running – started out doing 2 blocks with a 30-second recovery walk and worked up to running whole sides (Manhattan folks, is that about 3 blocks? one side of City Park?). But, today was a different story. I was tired. And I ran out of allergy medicine on Wednesday so I had major allergy issues when I woke up. David even asked as we were doing our warmup walk if I was extra tired today because I was so out of it. I told him I didn’t want to do 2 blocks and then a recovery walk -that I just wanted to run and do recovery walks when needed. So that’s what we agreed. We put on our headphones and started jogging.

First time I slowed for a recovery walk? At the end of the 2nd mile. Yep. Did a whole 2 miles without stopping. And damn it felt good. Even cooler than that, is the face on my husband…this was the first time in his life that he ran straight 2 miles – even counting when he played football. He was pretty happy with himself. There might of been some kind of high-five awesomeness happening at the corner of Fremont & 11th at 5:30a this morning. 🙂 His pace is much faster than mine – he stayed near me for the first mile but after that he took off ahead of me. I may create a runner out of him yet.

So maybe that’s the answer – you can run well when you’re tired, crabby and frustrated? I’m frustrated because it’s been two full weeks of running now and I’ve lost NO weight. How is that possible? It’s not like I’m coming home every day and eating french fries and apple pie. But, I think I will avoid the scale because though that number isn’t changing, I’m wearing a size smaller pair of jeans today. So, whatever. I feel better about the whole thing after running this morning. It really does clear my head. It’s such a mental lift for me that I’m starting to think I need to run everyday. But we’ll work on that later. Tomorrow – bike ride!



  1. Livia · August 19, 2011

    In middle-school gym they made us run around the park regularly. It was big fun, let me tell you. I still hate running. The gym teachers told us the whole thing is a mile thus each side is a 1/4 mile. So, if you want to believe middle-school gym teachers (they seemed like a suspicious bunch, if you ask me), there is your answer.

    • Melia Erin · August 19, 2011

      Thanks Livia! I did know it was a mile all around but it sure seems like the 11th/14th street sides are longer than the other two. Maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me! 🙂

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