Long Week

Here it is Saturday morning and I haven’t posted all week. It’s not because I don’t want to share, but rather that my week got out of my control very quickly. First week of classes back at work and my whole week blew up into me being very tired when I came home and not wanting to be on my computer all night.

Monday morning run: this went okay – I was a little sluggish (I think I was still recovering from the 10-mile bike ride on Saturday) but we did the 2-mile run. Still slowly, but hey, I’m working on my stride. 🙂

Wednesday morning run: this was a BAD run. In fact, I hurt so badly and hit a wall that as I finished the first mile, I just stopped. Stopped! David was quite a bit ahead of me so I turned around and walked the other way and then just waited. And did nothing but stand there in disbelief that I could not convince myself to run. Once David got there, I followed him and slowly jogged the last 1/4 mile of the route. I don’t know what the deal was – I suspect it was lack of water on Tuesday and a serious lack of protein (after I thought about it and realize I had eaten no protein for 2 days). Or maybe I was just tired. It sucked though.

Friday morning run: DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN. Sigh. It’s been a long week and my alarm went off and I just lay in bed thinking, “no”. So I didn’t go out. David did however which makes me happy – I’m turning him into a runner!!

So a bit of a frustrating week. I’m worried that I won’t be able to go out and do it again – but I know that’s silly. I am working harder on eating correctly (thanks, Sports Nutrition book!) now and will be able to do it again. I know it. Just have to get back out there. I think I just had a bad week.

I did get up this morning and go on my Saturday morning bike ride with my friend. We did a shorter route because we both agreed that 10 miles last week might have been a bit too much to jump into. 🙂 But I feel good that I went and am hoping it will spur me on to run soon. Speaking of soon, there’s an event I’m going to tomorrow evening that will end probably later than my bedtime – and I definitely need a whole night’s sleep to get up and run at 4:45a. Instead of running Monday morning then, we’re going out to a park to run tomorrow morning. We’re going to do the whole 5K distance and start working on our time (though of course we’ll be walking parts of it tomorrow) in preparation of a 5K race coming up in October we’re thinking about doing. It seems safe to try out since it says participants can walk or run – that makes me not worry as much that I will take too long. Surely I run faster than walkers, right? Right??

On the upside for the week, I lost 1 pound. 🙂


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