Doing the Distance

As planned, we went out to the park this morning to run. The park we went to today is very scary in the dark so we slept in and went during daylight. As we pulled in, we realized it was super soccer Sunday and there were like 500 people there. As I may have mentioned before, I have issues running in the daylight anyway because I’m fat and think I look stupid. And now there was an additional gajillion people there. Oh well.

Our plan was to do two laps, about 3.2 miles, to start practicing the 5K distance. Next week we’ll add the extra 1/4 mile or so in to equal out the distance. We obviously weren’t going to run it – there would be lots of walking in it, but we wanted to see how long it took just to finish the distance so we’d have an idea of how far we are from being able to actually enter a race (and not be laughed at for taking too long!).

First thing I noticed was how different it is to run in the daylight as opposed to in the dark when I normally run at 5a. The sun it seems is quite hot and shiny. And bright. And did I mention hot? I’m definitely going to have to do this more often to get used to it! We ran and walked off and on and for the most part, it went well. When we were done, I was so tired but pleased. I was worried that it took us like an hour and half to do it, but when I checked my sports watch thing (that tracks my pace, time, calories, etc.) it only took us 46 minutes! I know, for most people that’s a long time, but I don’t care – it was awesome for us. We averaged 14-minute miles. So our goal for next Sunday (because now we’ll start doing this more often) is to do it under 46 minutes, eventually working toward 40 and then 30 minutes.

My stupid iPod shuffle is being dumb. I added some new playlists this morning (awesome stuff from but the shuffle refused to play them. It’s such a fickle thing. I need to mess with it today and figure out what’s going on there. Oh, and it was cool to run on dirt instead of the sidewalk around City Park. In fact, now my shoes are dirty! They looked pretty clean up until now because I only had been running on sidewalks or streets but now they look serious:

Here’s to a great start to the week!



  1. Tara · August 28, 2011

    Are you running city park at 5 am? I used to run/walk it around 5:30 am (for the same reasons you do) thought it was a wee bit creepy.

  2. Melia Erin · August 28, 2011

    Yep – I go M/W/F at 5a. But, I take either Dave or Cleo with me for the same creepy reasons. But there’s a regular crew of runners out at that hour so if anything did happen, someone would see it or save me. I hope. LOL.

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