Running BPM

Yesterday morning’s run was back on schedule – which makes me super happy. Even though I did the 3 miles on Sunday, I did walk parts of it so I was concerned that I would not be able to do the straight 2 miles again yesterday. But I was wrong – I did it just fine. The first mile was pretty slow but the second mile I worked to pick up the pace. Ha. Now I’m thinking about salsa…

But I digress. I think the faster pace the 2nd mile probably had something to do with the fact that David was so far ahead of me, I could no longer see him. This does not please me – I feel my competitive bones kicking in a little. I think I’ve created a running monster in him.

He says he runs a faster pace because the playlist or podcast he listens to is so fast. I keep trying to find him podcasts with less beats per minute, but I’m already downloading the podcasts at 131 BPM so I don’t know how much slower I can get for him. The funny thing is, I run to the same podcasts and I don’t take off running so quickly. I think I must not run on the beat all the time. I know for certain songs, it’s impossible to not run on the beat, but I surely don’t run as fast as he does. I’d like to see what happens if I put a podcast on his iPod with a 165 BPM. He’d be sprinting *insert evil laugh here*

Yesterday post-run was tiring. I’m already mentally exhausted because of work this week and the last, then adding on the running is draining me a little. I think I need more sleep. But I do know that running and then coming to work yesterday and doing two tours of the library pretty much did me in. That’s about 8 flights of stairs too many for me.

On the happy news side of things, I don’t have to wear clothes that are too big for me every day at work anymore. Though shopping for new clothes is not in the budget, shopping in a friend’s closet is! This weekend I borrowed some work/dress capris from a friend that are a size to 2 sizes smaller than I have now so I actually have some clothes that don’t make me look bigger than I am. Most excellent. It’s a good day when clothes fit. 🙂


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