Taking Time Off & Less Negativity

In case you didn’t notice, I took some time off. Not just from the blog, but from running. Since I ran the 3.5 miles, I had not run again until today. So, let’s talk about that.

It’s been a super long week at work – not a bad week at work, in fact it was an excellent week of work, but a long one. This time of the semester is especially hard on my department because it’s a lot of running from class to class to meeting to class to meeting. And then there’s still work to be done for the classes and meetings…so long days. And don’t even start on preparing for tenure review in a month – that’s a whole different level of work on top of everything else. But all of it together this week was just a bit too much for me for to also get up at 4:45a and run. Most of time I was getting up at the same time, but getting up and going to work rather than running. And by the end of the week, I just wanted to sleep. I felt icky there for a day or two – like “I think I’m getting a cold” icky but it went away. Every day I got up and said to myself, I can’t run today. And then by yesterday morning I was starting to worry if I could even get back out there and run.

I worked this morning at home and then met a friend after lunch and we walked a couple of trails in the area. I felt good about it and actually felt like a healthy person. She’s a reader of my blog (Hi!) and talked to me a little about my earlier post regarding my fear of people laughing at me or being cruel for taking so long to finish a race. And we also talked about me just focusing less on the numbers (like how fast I’m running a mile) and just focus on running. So after I got home I decided that I was going to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep – just laid there thinking about how I like to just run – without worrying about how fast I’m doing it.

And that’s when the weird thing happened. Rather than taking a nap, I got up and changed into running clothes, grabbed my iPod, and called my sister to be my check-in person (as in, if you don’t hear from me again in an hour and a half, come get my dead body off Linear Trail. I watch too much Law and Order) since David is gone for the weekend and I left. All by myself. No Cleo. Just my music.

So I ran. I felt rough because it had been days but I just wanted to keep going until I felt good and hit my stride. And then that felt okay so I decided I was just going to keep running. I was slower than I thought I’d be because I hadn’t exactly prepped myself well with water or carbs or protein the last few days and since I had a time frame to work in before the cops were sent for my body, I just ran until I knew I could turn around and be back to the car by 6p. Except I was back before six so I kept going until 6p. I purposely turned my sportsband thing to show the time and not the distance because I didn’t want to keep looking at my distance. When I got to the car at 6p, I looked. And to my happy surprise, it said 4.25 miles. Hot damn.

Turns out if you listen to your own desire to run (ahem, and friends) and not stress and give yourself undue pressure and negativity, you can do some pretty amazing things. Who knew? 🙂



  1. Elizabeth DeBusk · September 10, 2011

    That is so awesome! I’ve tried to get into running and I lack motivation. I run very slow. I run slow enough that taking my foster dog on a run means I jog and he doesn’t even break into a trot. It’s my goal to run a race in the next year. Looks like I should try your method! I’m proud of you for running your race 🙂 Keep on going!

    • Melia Erin · September 10, 2011

      Thanks Elizabeth! I run slow right now but I’m a-ok with that…largely because I’m just so happy to be out there running. 🙂 My goal is get Cleo trained well enough that she can go with me on long runs but right now she’s more of a hindrance because she just wants to smell everything and stop and eat grass along the way. Silly puppy dog. 🙂

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