I love gizmos; it’s true.

In the past I have mentioned that I have a Nike Sports Band that magically talks to a sensor on my shoelaces and gives me information about my running pace, distance, time, and calories burned. And I love it – but I love it so much that I get too attached to it. The first thing I do when I get home from a run is plug it into my computer to upload my workout to the online profile that tracks all cool things. Notice that I didn’t say stretch or shower first – really, I go directly to the computer. I don’t have a computer at home anymore (it died) so if I don’t take work home with me, I don’t have a computer. Last night I worked until 7p at work so I decided to not bring any computer work home with me (I did read a book connected to work though *sigh*). That may seem like not a big deal but when I got back from my run this morning, I HAD NO COMPUTER TO PLUG MY GIZMO INTO!!! Total freakout.

That’s when I knew I needed help…like, go into gizmo rehab or something. Geesh.

Fortunately, I can upload my workouts later – it saves them all until I upload them.

Or, I need to buy a computer for at home. Yep, that’s the obvious answer – no gizmo rehab that way. 🙂



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