I have a decorative sign that hangs in my dining room – it states: “if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies” and it seems quite apt to my life now as always. I do have a penchant for butterflies as you may know since I have one tattooed on my neck.

Last weekend I was visiting with family at my mom’s house and on Sunday, I called home to David and told him I wanted to start training that week for a half-marathon. And actually, I want to train for a full but we’ll start with the half. Since I have not ran for months, this was surprising news to him. But I told him I was ready and he said it sounded good to him.

As of today, I’ve done 8 miles this week. The training schedule I’m using is from Dawn Dais’ The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide For Women and it’s more intensive than when I last was running regularly. But the book is fabulous – if you’re considering training for a marathon, you should buy this book. She’s hilarious and talks about things that I haven’t really seen discussed in such a frank way in any other training book (like chafing for example LOL).

I should address the fact that I haven’t written anything here since September. I’m not promising daily posts – in fact, I can promise you there will not be daily posts – my life is too busy for that. But I need to journal this journey for own sake and why not share some it with whoever reads this along the way? I’m thinking weekend posts that summarize, wrap up, and reflect the prior week. Just to give you an update: I’m still obese. I still work too many hours at work. I am no longer vegan because I’m too lazy to plan/cook that much protein each week (hey, I’m nothing if not honest and blunt). I still have the best husband, family, friends ever.

Speaking of friends, I’ve asked one of my friends to train with me for  the half. David won’t train with me beyond 4 miles because he doesn’t want to run more than that – but he said if we got him a bike, he’d ride that with me for longer. But I also need support in the running so I’m super happy that my friend agreed to train and run the half with me. She is already a runner and has already ran a half once so I think she’ll be great inspiration for me and frankly, anyone who puts up with my slow-running fat ass is a Godsend. 🙂

This first week sucked, not going to lie. As my work friends can attest to, there were a day or two in there when I could hardly walk because I was so sore. Going to from no running to doing 35 minutes the first day hurt. But by the end of the week, the soreness had lessened a bit which was nice. This morning was a bit harder because I’m having a hard time catching my breath – I think it’s because on of my BFF’s has bronchitis and her germs are floating up to my apartment and making me sick. You know who you are. LOL. Actually, I think it’s either allergies or a cold – I’ve been coughing this week and it sounds like a smoker’s cough – but I don’t smoke. I’m drinking LOTS of orange juice in hopes that it will go away.

Tomorrow begins week 2 and David and I are going to go out to a park on the other side of town and run it twice (3.2 miles). I’m still slowing for walk breaks during the runs because well, I’m out of shape and have to build up to it. But I’m out there. And I’m freaking ecstatic about the whole thing. And possibly a little crazy. When I was going around City Park (the park right by my house) at 6:45a this morning (a weekend!!), I was pretty confident that I’m crazy.

But it’s good crazy.


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  1. Sandy · February 25, 2012

    Love it! I would love to start running too. Maybe this is just the motivation I need.

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