Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Okay, I promise this post isn’t really about shampooing hair (though additional amounts of showers/washing hair each day from running is seriously stripping out my hair color & making me angry). But it is about repeating, and in this case, about repeating week two. Today I am going to start a do-over and do the week two training schedule again and not start week three because week two just never really happened.

The week of “crap, this just isn’t going to happen” started on Sunday. I woke up feeling SO crappy. I’ve been feeling badly with different ailments the last few months (from different reasons that now cause me to eat differently and take pills in the morning. I hate pills.) so I had been pretty excited that I was feeling good again. And then Sunday came. I think it was the beginning of a cold or sinus infection or something. All I knew was moving made my head hurt worse and me lightheaded. So thinking I was going to be smart and beat the darn thing, I stayed on the couch all day with oranges, orange juice, and water. And some food. 🙂 But no running happened. It did seem to work because I haven’t felt that head congestion/pain for the rest of the week.

Before I begin to explain what happened the rest of the week, I should admit that sometimes I can be a bit vain. As in the “I probably shouldn’t do this, but I look cute” kind of way. This vanity problem usually rears its ugly head when it comes to shoes. And having admitted that, here’s what happened to the rest of the week…Monday morning I did in fact feel better and decided to wear a fabulous pair of jeans I have that are actually long enough to wear with heels (this is hard for me since I’m so freaking tall that jeans are rarely long enough to do that). I figured, heck, why not wear my 4-inch heeled boots? What could possibly be wrong with that? They’re so cute and all…What I did not consider on Monday morning was that I was going to be at work for 12 hours that day, on my feet teaching, and walking across campus multiple times during the day.

That may not sound that bad – except I don’t wear heels very often and that was WAY overdoing it. By the time I got home, I could not walk without feeling like my knees and ankles were going to give out and feeling a horrible burning pain in the balls of my feet. When I took the shoes off finally, I cried. Tears. My toes were in so much pain that I could not move them. At all. The next day they were just as bad. I could not bend my toes and therefore could not walk completely on my feet and looked like a moron limping/walking throughout the library all day. I at first thought some of my toes were strained and/or sprained (remember, I’m a big girl so that’s a lot of weight on my little toes for 12 hours) but later decided they were just jammed because I was able to (warning: gross stuff coming) crack and pop them all back into place by the end of the day Tuesday. Though I think almost worse than the pain was having to admit to people why I was in so much pain. I wanted to make up some great adventure story but instead went for the truth: shoes.

As you may have guessed, this jacked my feet up for the rest of the week. By Wednesday though, I was at least walking normally though still in pain. As I sit here writing this today, my two big toes (do they have a real name? or do we just call them “big toes”?) are still tender. No running happened the rest of the week until yesterday morning. I got up at quarter till five and was out at the park by 5:05am (wow!) running. David is gone for the weekend so it was just me. I for the first time since I started training again, put on my sports band watch thing that tracks my pace, time, distance, etc. and decided to start running and just see how I could go after a few days off.

I made myself keep running for 35 minutes. I did walk a block in there because my legs felt a little shaky for a minute but the rest of it I ran and I ended up doing 2.67 miles. I know that’s not fast but I don’t care. I was able to run that straight (minus one block) and I’m freaking ecstatic about it.

Later this afternoon after all my company leaves (which right now consists of my son, a bff’s two dogs, my mom’s dog and later this morning will also include my mom and stepdad, their other dog, and other family members), I am going to go to the park across town and run for 35 minutes again – the time for the day one, week two schedule instead of the week three schedule. I feel like I need a real “week two” before I get into week three.

But this decision does set me back a week on the training schedule. And…I don’t care. Since my friend and I haven’t selected a specific race to run yet, and when we do, I doubt it’s going to line up exactly with my schedule, I know I have some leeway here. We are going to sit down this evening and pick out a race and work on our training schedule and other things that friends do when they’re crazy enough to decide to run half-marathon together. The weird thing is, the more I think about it, the more I want to go ahead and train for the whole marathon. Crazy, right? It just feels right to me to have this goal and work towards it. But that will be another story for a different day.

Right now I’m going to drink another gallon of water. 🙂


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