And The Dates are Set!

First, good news:  I will be running a 10K here in Manhattan on the 31st of this month. And, we’ve picked out the 1/2 marathon – it’s on May 20th. Pretty cool. And it makes it very real now.

Now, the bad news:  I’ve run about 12.5 miles total this week and have lost no weight. How is that possible? I know in one of the books I’ve read that the author trained for a marathon and ran it – and lost no weight. I mean, I’m not running and training just to lose weight, but it sure would have been a nice bonus. Surely by the half marathon I will have lost something. Right?

As of this week, my friend and I are starting the training program for the half marathon from a different book than what I had before – this new one is from a book written by Grete Waitz who has won many marathons. I’ve done well with the old one and it has prepared me for this schedule. This week is three days of running 3 miles and then a long run day of 5 miles. This past week I did a couple days of 2-3 miles and Saturday we did 4 miles. So, I feel ready for the new schedule.

Did you catch that part? I ran 4 miles yesterday. It still makes me giggle to say that out loud. I think I’ve told every person I’ve seen since then, but I’m really super proud of doing it. It was about this distance that I was at last year when I stopped running and also where I was at two years ago when I hurt my knee and couldn’t run anymore. I think that’s why I’m extra happy about it.

The running schedule this week is Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday with the long run on Saturday. I’m going to spend time this evening putting together bags of snacks to take to work throughout the day. That’s the first thing I’ve learned so far – holy cow I am so hungry all the time. So, I take carrots and celery/peanut butter and trail mix and healthy things with me so I’m not tempted to go to the Union and buy Skittles. Skittles are definitely my soft spot when it comes to unhealthy snacks. I try to focus on protein and carbs and not sugar.

Here we go for the next week – 14 miles this week, here I come!


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