Another Week of Learning and Adjusting

Two weeks from today I will be running in a 10K. Weird, right?

This past week has been interesting as far as training goes. Tuesday and Wednesday morning runs were good – both a little over 3 miles. And it’s crazy warm here for March so there wasn’t a jacket involved, which was nice, but I sure didn’t expect how hot I would be and how quickly I would get hot. I wear a bandana tied around my head when I run because I have some crazy ass hair that is just too much deal with when running – but that bandana really felt weird after awhile because my head was darn hot. Seriously – it was like my head was an oven. Luckily for me, my mom rocks and she bought/sent me a Buff that I had on a wish list and it arrived today! Oh, you don’t know what a Buff is? It’s awesome – here’s a video that shows all the different things it can do.

Friday morning’s run both sucked and scared me. I only did a mile because my kneecap kept slipping. I don’t know how else to explain that – but that’s what it felt like. With every stride, it moved from left to right and felt messed up. I didn’t have excruciating pain – but I knew with my past knee problems that I better stop and get it checked out. It’s similar to my knee pain last year, but this time I can stop it and support it better before it gets all jacked up and turns into patella femoral again. I need to baby it more on non-run days. And, when running…hello, knee brace.

The thing about a knee brace or sleeve or whatever they’re called is that they’re either “one size fits all” or only go up to large. And as I may have mentioned before, I’m neither just a large or a one size fits all. I think between Dave and I, we own 15 different knee things, none of which I can wear because my thigh is too damn big. But, we set out again to search for one that maybe, just maybe, would work. After a lot of silliness at the store that involved both he and I trying on different styles and jogging around in circles in the store, we found a winner.

This morning then was a run with the darn thing on my knee. I don’t love it – it feels a little too bulky for me – but I’ll get used to it. If wearing the darn thing means I can continue running, then so be it. I’ll be happy though when my legs are smaller and I can just do the thinner sleeves.

Oh, and this morning? I finally figured out that I cannot just roll out of bed and go run. I need to warmup more than what I’m doing. That first mile is such a killer and awkward and weird but once I get going, I’m good. We did just over 5 miles today which is awesome. I am going to need to make sure I get completely warmed up for that 10K so I can do the 6 miles in good form and not waste time hobbling the first mile.

This evening I spent time showing off my new leg muscles to Dave. Yes, we’re dorks, what can I say? But I do have some cool leg muscles. 🙂

This coming week the run days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (shorter 3-4 miles) and the long run on Saturday (doing 5 miles again). This weekend is a laid-back weekend – I’m making sure to rest after running this morning and will do the same tomorrow. Dave and I are probably going to have breakfast tomorrow as our celebration. That would be our celebration of our 1 year anniversary which is technically the 19th (Monday) but it’s also kinda this weekend so we’re celebrating now. No gifts – all of our money goes toward our trip in April, what we’re calling our honeymoon since we didn’t go on one last year – just a meal together and getting up and running before work on Monday. Very romantic. LOL

On a clothes-related note, this week I learned the joy of not wearing cotton when running. Wow, I cannot believe the difference it makes!! I never want to go back to cotton t-shirts or shorts again. Though I need a shirt or two – the only two dri-wick shirts we have is one of Dave’s that’s too big for me and caused ouch chafing on my arms and another that is too small and it’s tight and uncomfortable. So I’m hoping at some point to save my money for a shirt that fits. But honestly, I’d rather wear the two that don’t fit than a cotton shirt – especially in this heat!

13 miles this week. 5 miles today. I’m starting to wonder who this person is – can it really be me? I’m feeling pretty awesome though – gotta be honest. 🙂


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