Mid-Week Thoughts

This has been a crappy week, to say the least. The plan was to get up and run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – and the long run on Saturday. But I have weird stuff going on that I’m not 100% for sure how to fix.

First, I cannot get up and out of bed. I am so tired that I just cannot get out of bed at my normal 4:45am time. I know some may think that is reasonable since it is after all, 4:45am – but I’m a morning person and have regularly been waking up at 5a anyway. I could not get up to run Monday, just wasn’t happening. On top of that, I am so so so tired. And feel like hell. I kind of just want to take a nap all day.

Being a librarian, with librarian friends, we’ve been doing some research and I am thinking that most likely, this is all being caused by me being a lazy meal planner / eater this past week. I think the fact that I’ve run all these miles every week and have lost no weight has been getting to me and because of that, I have severely cut back on food. And then on top of that, I’ve been eating candy and cookies. Good stuff. Not.

So, last night I ate some greens (my husband makes the best collard greens EVER) and some other healthy food and started to feel better. Not surprising, here we are again with me needing to take better care of myself. One cannot live on coffee and crappy food alone. Especially if that person is training for half marathon. Sigh.

I have the rest of the week off from work for a small little staycation and I slept in until 6:30am. And then I got my butt out of the house and ran again. It was a little rough – I tell ya, that first mile sucks if you’re not warmed up properly – but I did it. And I’ll get up and do it again tomorrow. Fortunately my stubborn genes are kicking in and I don’t want to quit. I really want to do this and I am going to make it happen – even if I have to cook a darn meal. 🙂


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