Hey, Hey, F’n 10K

Totally just stole that blog title from my friend D who said that very same thing to me on Monday via gchat. 🙂

So, I haven’t written since the race last Saturday – so you may be thinking that I didn’t finish it. But, you’d be wrong because I totally finished it. And I’m pretty proud of myself for that. It was more of a struggle than I thought it would be though – and not because of my foot. Instead it was because of the sun. Oh, the hot, hot sun. See, I run most days in the morning before work – when it’s cool – and dark. It was hot last Saturday and I totally wasn’t prepared for the heat. But even though I had a hurt foot, hadn’t run all week, and the darn sun was freakishly hot and bright, I finished the 10K. Can I get an Amen?

I spent the rest of the weekend with shin splints and then when I went to run again, I could not because my left foot in the arch hurt like hell. Yes, another injury. You know the saying, “if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”? That’s kinda how I feel most of the time. So I went to my friendly medical librarian and made her do research with me and it seems I have a fallen arch issue in my left foot (disclaimer: one should go to the doctor with injuries and not follow my example and bug your friendly medical librarian – she is not a doctor LOL). A lot of the stuff I read described overpronation causes. I started to pay attention this week to how I walk and stand and sure enough, I freaking overpronate. Who would’ve guessed? Therefore, no running this week and lots of rest for my foot. And I busted out my arch support things that I’ve had for years and never wore. I guess I should’ve listened years ago when they said I needed more arch support and wore them, huh?

Friday Dave and Cleo and I went for a jog/walk after work to test out my foot. Besides being horrible at running because it had now been 2 weeks since I ran (not counting the 10K), it went okay. I have my arch supports in my running shoes now and that does seem to help.

Shelly had the great idea of switching our long run days to Sundays since our half-marathon is on a Sunday so that’s what we did today. The training schedule called for an 8-mile run today and then next week to fall back a bit and only do a 6-mile run. Since I hadn’t really done any real training runs this week, I decided to flip the weeks. I’ll do an 8-mile run next weekend and this weekend I was going to do just what I could do without hurting my foot.

In case you’re wondering, 8 miles is running around Manhattan’s Anneburg Park 5 times and that’s what Shelly did – I of course did not. But I did do it 4 times – a 10K distance – and I didn’t really stop ever. It was a slower pace at times, but I made it. Heck, I shaved off 5 minutes from the time it took me to do the 10K last week. I’m feeling pretty rock star right now, gotta be honest. And I feel way better than I did last week. I think that’s a good sign.

Now I need to mentally prepare myself for running 8 miles next weekend. And I’ll be at my mom’s house in Nebraska with my son so I’m unsure where I will do the run at the moment. My best idea so far has been to ask my mom to drive me out of town on a country road 8 miles and drop me off and I’ll run back to her house. Sounds awesome, right? Ha. We’ll see what I end up doing. Onto the next week!


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