New Shoes!! And Pain.

First, last Thursday was my birthday. I seem to now be 35. How did that happen? But the cool thing is that a couple of bffs got me gift cards and cash and I was able to go to our local running store (Manhattan Running Company – it rocks, btw) and buy new shoes. I’m so happy. My old shoes are years old and pretty much done. So I spent my birthday evening at the store running around in different shoes until I found my new pair. They are Newtons and they’re pretty boss. They have this weird extra thing in them that kind of work as a lever and help me run better.

As I mentioned earlier, I was in Nebraska this past weekend and was unsure of how I was going to run 8 miles. My mom and I drove out to the country – but even going out 4 miles and then returning seemed too creepy. I think I’ve seen the Children of the Corn movie too many times. And yes, as my stepdad pointed out to me, I know there’s no corn right now. But still. Too alone and too creepy. So I went for the run to the park and then run the walking trail there a bunch of times and then run back to my mom’s house option. The trail is some messed up distance like 1 and 1/8 mile so figuring out how many times to run it, with the run to it and back was interesting. When I got back to my mom’s street, I was at a weird 8.5 miles so I figured “what the hell” and ran around the neighborhood until I hit 9 miles. Seemed easier to figure out my pace that way. My sportsband thing needs to be recalibrated because it is off about .09 every mile so it makes math interesting. Overall, I’m pleased with my pace considering I’ve never ran 9 miles before. And because of the pain. Oh, the pain.

I have this weird pain in my upper right thigh that I cannot explain nor figure out what damn muscle it is. Dave thought is was the pelvic muscle and for awhile I thought it was the top of IT band but it seems more horizontal than that. I need to figure out what it is though because it’s so sore. By the time I walked into my mom’s house I was limping so horribly that I think she was a bit concerned. And my knees were very weak – walking up down the stairs at her house was not fun. After showering I sat in a chair with ice on my knees and this electrode thing (yes, I just linked to Wikipedia) that my mom owns on that right leg muscle for about a half hour. And then it was like magic – my leg didn’t hurt again for hours. I think I would like to have one of those things in my life for sure.

Today is a general soreness day and I still can’t get out of a chair/sitting position without my knees giving out a little. Awesome. But, I feel fantastic besides. My husband on the other hand is a different story. When I got back from Nebraska, I came home to a very sick David and he is home from work today, which he never does. So I know he’s pretty bad. I may have to go home later and work from home so I can help take care of him. He’s kind of a hot mess. But in order to do that, I need to get cracking on my day – of course no one is here yet because I get to work too damn early but by 7a I’m sure I will start to see some colleagues coming in the hallway. And my desk is a disaster. Wow. That’s all I have to say about that. Wow.


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