dedication: the sequel

So I keep thinking about this dedication issue thing today – and I have a different viewpoint on it now. My problem is not that I struggle with dedication – I actually am quite dedicated to many things. Some things are easily related to my job, like fighting for social justice, equality, fairness, education, and easily accessible information for everyone. Some other things may not be easily related to my job, but are a hardcore part of my life like family, friends, and specifically time with my son.

What that means then is that my real problem is not that I don’t know how to dedicated to something, it’s that maybe I don’t have enough experience with putting that much dedication into myself. And THAT’S what I am going to work on. All of the above mentioned things that I’m dedicated to are super important to me and now I need to make sure that I’m just as important – that I, myself, should be in that list of things I’m dedicated to.

I’m guessing that it is easier said than done. But, the first step (recommended to me by a friend) is going to take this all one small step at a time. For example, simple dedication/fitness goal for about 6 weeks out and then go from there. The second step for me (well, really continual step) is to document the journey. That works for me – it’s why I’m blogging about it, so I can document the journey and who knows – maybe I’ll help/inspire someone else along the way. I think an additional way for me to document this by following this example. She documented her 160 pound weight loss through photos. Now, I’m no skilled photographer – but I have a decent unprofessional camera and I think I’m going to do the same. Not that it’s all about weight/appearance, because it’s not, but it will be another way to document it for me and others.

With the exception of this morning before work, I did not work out today. That makes me sad. And what was my fabulous excuse? Work, of course. Oh, and dishes. Good times. But tomorrow I will do better. And, to close on a beautiful “I love autumn” note, here is a (taken with my iPhone LOL) picture from the parking lot. It is beautifully awesome, yes?



  1. alibrariangirl · September 27, 2012

    Oh how I’m loving this new blog! Delicious way to start my day – with a cup of coffee, of course. Followed by an almost every day walk to work. You are right about dedicating some time to ourselves. I don’t always succeed, but one way I try to dedicate quality time to myself and my body is to eat something healthy. And this time of year is great for a fresh mountain apple!

    If I truly want to do something good for myself, I must realize that that apple or a dinner of vegetables and a few peanut butter crackers is so much better for me than grease and sugar. Not that I don’t go for other stuff at times! But let’s be honest – so much of that other stuff is not good for us. And don’t you find, that the more effort we put into taking care of our earthly vessels, and the more we pay attention to its needs – such as exercise – the easier it is to leave out the extra fat and sugar? We begin to notice how we feel and hour after added fat and sugar compared to an hour after a healthy meal? Dedicate this time, Melia. Keep it up! And if I keep it up as well, we might have this conversation again when return from our walk (or JOG in your case) at age 98!

    • Melia Erin · September 27, 2012

      Antoinette, you’re so right. I have to admit that since I switched to eating more healthy/vegan that the “other stuff” actually makes me physically ill now so I think that’s good – then it’s a decision to go against my plan AND be willing to feel crappy – so a lot to cave into. Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, but not very often.

      I love the thought of still jogging/walking at 98 – love it.

      Have a beautiful and fantastic day. 🙂

  2. lavercam · September 27, 2012

    Thanks for inspiring me, more so now than ever before 🙂

    • Melia Erin · September 27, 2012

      Hey, if I can’t do it in person, I can at least do it online. And you know I’ve got your back, Q – anytime. 🙂

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