brought to you today from northview

So I am writing this evening from my bff sister’s house while sitting on her couch with hair dye on my head. Of course, the hair dye part is not surprising – most people who know me are aware that I cannot go very long with the same hair color. I start to get twitchy from being the “same” – I like change way too much. What may be surprising is that I’m not at work – granted, I am doing some work today because I have an IM reference shift tonight – but I’m not in the library or at my desk at home buried under work projects.

As I mentioned when I first started blogging again, I needed to make some changes in my life involving prioritizing and my friends were on that list of priorities that needed some attention. Two things happened for me this week:  first, I had an encouraging and great conversation with a role model of mine where we talked about work/life balance and second, this weekend was my bff sister’s birthday celebration. I was worried about making the whole friend celebrationwork this weekend because I was exhausted sick on Friday and actually had to go home and sleep and take care of myself so I was worried I’d even make it. But I did make it – and it’s been great. In fact, until my IM shift, I have done NO work this weekend with the exception of email (hey, baby steps LOL). And that whole “no work” thing has been both crazy wonderful and kinda scary at the same time.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks full of busy busy work stress and life stuff – and this upcoming week is busy PLUS I’m flying out to a conference in Baltimore early (like, seriously early – I’m leaving town at like 3:30am) Thursday morning. But honestly, I feel stronger and more prepared for my week of crazy ass workouts (courtesy of my trainer) and lots of great work, events, and travel. I truly, truly, truly thank my friends for that- nothing can help you like two days of laughing your ass off and being there for each other. 🙂


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