Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

These are two of my favorite “changing seasons” photos I took this year. Both of them are from my neighborhood – we have quite a few trees around here because the neighborhood is fairly old and established.

The leaves-changing-in-fall colors of the trees on my street were awesome. I wish I would have taken my camera out earlier to get photos of the brilliant red-orange leaves, but sadly, I did not. One day while coming home from the store, I saw these two trees and had to get them captured. I took the photo while standing in the alley behind my house and I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy (but that’s not anything new).

I took the photo of the chilly winter-is-coming sky while laying on my back deck. The branches framing the sky – some with a few leaves left, some bare – looked ominous to me and I wanted to capture it. This was actually harder than you would imagine considering how excited Miss Cleo was about having me laying on the deck. It’s pretty hard to capture a picture with an eighty-pound black lab licking your face.



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