Changing Directions and Refocusing (for billionth time)

My life runs at me in so many different directions sometimes that I lose control of what I am juggling. In the past, what rises to the top of the priority list is work, family, and friends – and what sinks to the bottom as if connected to cement blocks was always, always, ME time. Or my personal endeavors. Or personal interests. Or personal goals. Or … you get the idea. Not surprisingly, one of the first things to go is always this blog.

I find that fascinating actually – here I am wanting to document my journey in a way that is both meaningful to me and also helpful to others, but still it falls. I could understand if it was only my personal journal, then of course it would sink because it was something just for me (sad, but true). But, I have always wanted this to be for two audiences: me and others. I plan to work harder on creating a more equal balance between the two and hope the two converge into one large drive to post regularly.

Of course a lot has changed in these last seven months – as things are always wont to do in my life. So I will try to catch you up a bit as we move forward. Most importantly, I have scheduled a whole lotta ME time in my day which has been wonderful. I am going to mark down “write blog post” in my evening scheduled time and post as I have tonight.

Just a note to say hello – with a few photos of my spring/summer pretend-photography-adventures. More to come.


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