running lucky


Some days I feel pretty darn lucky to be able to get out of the house and run. Yes, I said it, it’s official:  I’m running again. I suppose that’s not a complete secret to most since I’ve mentioned it a few times lately, but I have been doing my best to NOT talk about it nonstop. Part of the reason is that I’m a little afraid I’ll jinx it – like, if I start talking about running – or worse: call myself a runner (gasp!) – then I will get injured or hurt. But I’ve been going about it differently this time around – started out really slowly rather than my normal “hey! let’s run 2 miles for our first day!” style – and it’s been now over a month and some weeks.

I’m to the point now that I’m running in the day. Usually I run at the crack of dawn before the sun comes out but that really hurt me when I ran that race last year – I just was not prepared for the heat and sun. I just registered my son and I for a local 5K for early August and because of that, I’ve been out mid-day or early evening more often now. Of course, this summer in Kansas has yet to be brutal so it has been all good so far. We’ll see how I feel when the heat really gets going.

But I digress. Back to why I feel lucky to be running. The other day I took the photos above while out on Linear Trail running. I had my phone with me because 1) my iPod shuffle was dead, 2) I was too amped up to run without music (more on that later), and 3) I was running alone on Linear Trail in the near evening and I bring it along in case I’m raped/mugged/killed along the way. As I was beginning to run, the amazing beauty of the area just hit me and I’m quite thankful that I am able to be out there soaking in the nature and feeling good. And feeling mostly safe – I mean, I’ve never been attacked on Linear Trail but I also have seen way too many Law & Orders to completely trust a wooded nature area alone.

The other reason (besides nature) I feel lucky to be able to just leave and go running is due to stress. I think that is what is the major difference this time around. Whereas before (and it started that way this time as well) it was all about making myself leave the house to run, now it is more about me being so amped up, stressed out, crabby, or having a million things on my mind that I feel if I don’t get out the house and go run, there will be serious hell to pay and I will go crazy. I’m super lucky (though maybe self-made lucky) to be a tad addicted to running to cure those antsy pent-up feelings rather than a host of other things I could be (and have done) in the past (read: alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.).

So that’s it for today – just a little note to say I’m damn happy to be running again and looking forward to see where it takes me. Who knows – maybe it will take me to running an entire half-marathon. 😉


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