out in the country – and fire!

Yesterday morning we went to a different park on the other side of town for a change of scenery and because if you run the track/path twice, you’ve mostly ran a 5K. We wanted to see it how long it would take to do it, even if walking some of it. But I’ll write more about that in a different post – today, let me tell you about we did that afternoon. In between showering after running and church, we were invited out to a friend’s house, about 45 minutes away in the country. It’s beautiful out there:

They are moving soon and had an old shed and some other stuff to get rid of and that means burning it. If you don’t live in a rural area, that probably seems a bit crazy to you, but trust me, in the midwest, that’s how we get rid of stuff. And who doesn’t love a bonfire? So my family and I got in the car and away we went. One of the coolest things about being out there is the number of goats – including a brand new baby goat!

So, it’s lots of fun to go out there and pet all the goats – they’re kinda like dogs or pets. But, to get to the bonfire part, here’s what we were burning:

Before the Fire - Old Shed

Before the Fire – Old Shed

After checking the Rural Fire folks (who I believe have to give permission to burn on any given day – well, I think that’s what they do. I really don’t have a clue. I live in town and have no understanding of country rules.) to make sure all was good, the fire was lit. I may be in my mid-30s and all grown up and stuff, but there’s still something about a fire that is strangely cool and beautiful at the same time. I think it’s the colors – I’ve never seen any person be able to create the same vivid color of flame outside of nature. I took some pictures of it – sadly, I’m only a pretend amateur photographer so these photos do not do it justice.

It was pretty beautiful (in that weird, fire-kind-of-way) and all went well until the wind kicked up and we had some complications – but we got those handled and everything was all good. It was definitely not a normal Sunday afternoon/evening for my family and I’m quite happy I brought my camera to take photos of the good times – in fact, here are some more random photos from the earlier afternoon.

Oh, I should mention that Sunday afternoons = no makeup or doing hair. So no judging me on my Sunday beauty. Or the fact that I’m holding a newborn goat and a beer. LOL.

That’s all for now – will write more about running adventures tomorrow – when The Cutest Boy starts his training for the 5K!!!


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