so many changes

Now that I’ve been running for over a month or so, I finally see some changes. Some are good, some are bad – well, not bad, but rather, challenging. For example, I LOVE dying my hair and changing it constantly. In fact, it’s kinda my thing. My guess is that I go through at least 10 to 15 hair color changes every year. One of the things I like to do with changing my hair is to have crazy colors or vivid or different colors. Except here’s the challenge (and a hair color lesson for you): bright, vivid color fades very quickly. Especially red – which is the color I most recently had. The less you wash your hair, the longer it lasts. But even if it gets wet, without shampooing, it still fades out.

So, when you run every day and then start adding in more workouts or runs in the same day, you take a lot of showers. In the last two weeks, my hair faded out at least 6 shades and that’s with me redoing it while at my mom’s last week. Ugh. So frustrating. But I’m in love with running and how I feel from it so I did what any responsible rockstar unicorn would do, I dyed it somewhat close to my natural hair color and now it’s all normal. Boo. I think in a couple of weeks I’ll add in highlights or something, but for now, it’s just brown – but at least it’s not running down my shower drain anymore. 🙂

So what are the good changes? Well, because I’ve completely changed my eating lifestyle and now exercise and run a lot, I’ve lost weight and my clothes don’t fit anymore. Again, awesome, but challenging. Sadly, “go out and buy all new clothes” is not in my current budget and plus, at this rate, I wouldn’t be wearing them for very long before they, too, would not fit. And it’s not just a weight issue – I see physical changes too – if you would’ve been in my colleagues’ office this morning, you would’ve witnessed me showing off my newly sculpted calf muscles. LOL

The reason I’ve been running so much more is twofold: one, adding in my son’s training schedule for the 5K he and I are doing next month is causing me to work out in the evenings and in the morning (when I run with Dave). Two, you know, I gotta admit – I’m a little addicted to running. And the feeling it gives me. So even when I tell myself I’m going to take a day off, by 5pm, I’m antsy and twitchy and just want to get outside and run and so, I do. It’s crazy and I love it.

That’s it for today – time for me to go do something to control the antsy urge to go run – I ran this morning but still want to go tonight; however, I’m a smart cookie who knows better than to run in a 112 degree heat index when I’m already wore out. 🙂


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