thinking about change

I’ve been thinking almost all day about change – how life has a tendency to throw changes at you along the way. I think sometimes we get zoned out in our life – like we’ve been traveling on the interstate for hours across the midwest, not really thinking about where we’re going – just knowing that we’re going somewhere, that we have a destination. And then, you drive over the hill and bam! there’s construction, a detour, or the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen – and you wonder to yourself, “how did I not see this coming?” or “were there signs along the way that I missed?” or some other questions that you make you think that maybe, just maybe, you’ve been zoned out for too long. It’s time to start taking a look around and thinking about where you are, what kind of trip you’re currently on, and where it is that you’re going.

That’s where I’ve been today. Lost somewhere so deep in reflection that I seem to have missed most the day. But I think it’s important to take time to stop and look at where you are and really, really paying attention to the changes that are upon you and deciding if you’re up for the challenge. Or if it’s time to pull over and just enjoy the view of the road ahead of you.  🙂



  1. Melia Erin · July 13, 2013

    Oh, I guess I should point out that this change discussion also is related to the fact that I changed my blog theme. Needed something a little less dark and a little easier to read.

  2. Cindy · July 14, 2013

    And your fans thank you 🙂

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