training with my son

I thought it might be best to actually give an update about running for once. You know, rather than writing about randomness or showcasing photographs. I mean after all, part of the goal of my blog was to share with others the journey of becoming a runner while being overweight. 🙂

My son and I are now on our second week of the 4-week training schedule to get him ready to do the 5K with me on August 3rd (the 5th Annual Brew 2 Shoe Race) and he is doing super well. I have to admit, I expected a lot more moaning and groaning about it considering he stays up until 4am and gets up at noon. I mean, he is 15 after all. But, there has been none of that. My biggest problem is teaching him footfall and cadence (the first few times he kinda sounded like a Clydesdale or clodhopper). But I’ve sent him youtube videos about posture, form, running, etc. and work with him while running. The second problem we’ve had is his darn hair. He has my crazy ass thick hair and he is kind of growing it out – so he ends up with a large mop of hair that I just don’t know what to do with while running. We’ve done bandanas and hats but what I really want to do is slap a ponytail on him to get it off his face. He however is NOT okay with this idea – he is still VERY concerned about gender expression and appearance and does not want a ponytail. Sigh. Add that to my list of things to teach him. 🙂

But, I’m still running in the mornings as well – so in the morning I run for about 45/50 minutes and then after work on training days, I run with my son. This causes some tiredness (hence my two-a-days post earlier). On off training days, my son and I are doing lunges, squats, push-ups, and weights. It’s quite the little workout gym factory over at my house these days. But I keep on it with my son so he understands the importance overall fitness when running – it’s not just about the leg muscles after all. And he’s coming around.

The best part of running with him is that I’m guaranteed that 4 days a week, I get him all to myself for almost an hour. No music, no TV, no Minecraft, no Wii, no YouTube, etc. Just he and I talking about all sorts of things ranging from playing games (shocking) to what he remembers as a kid from before his dad and I divorced. Seriously – I wouldn’t trade this time with for the world.

And now, a super awesome photo of my son and me before we went running last night. Love this kid so much. So. Much.

Getting Ready to Run


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