changing up the training schedule

We’ve been doing some adjusting to the training schedule – for example, I am no longer doing two-a-days as much as I was. It kinda kicks my ass. A lot. I end up turning into this really tired zombie who is not any fun to be around. I no longer run in the mornings that I run in the evening. It still ends up being that I am running every day except one rest day though so at least I still get my running fix in constantly. 😉

Another change we’ve had to make is due to the weather. I just cannot in good faith make my son go running in the 100 degree heat at 5:30pm. It seems a bit cruel. And unsafe. Today’s heat index is supposed to crazy again so we’re flip-flopping today with tomorrow. That means that he and I will run tomorrow and Sunday morning and then again on Monday. Three days in a row is about the max I would ask him to do so I feel okay with this decision. Better that than him passing out at the park while running.

I am leaving to go to a workshop/conference thing for work next week and will be gone the entire week. This means that my husband will be running with my son next week so he keeps on schedule. It will be our third week and his running times will be ranging from 10 to 15 minutes of running at a time before adding in walk breaks. And of course, I’ll be doing the same training schedule while I’m away (plus my regular running schedule) – the place I am going to has a fitness center. I’ve done pretty well this summer with using hotel gyms while traveling – that’s a huge change from the past when I would pack my workout clothes, but never actually go to the gym. The times they are a’changing.

That’s all – not much to report on right now besides a crazy busy week at work. But I will leave you with a fabulous photo of the sun starting to set in my backyard. 🙂

Gold Sky


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