fitness while traveling

I honestly have never been the kind of person who works out while traveling. In the past I may have made an effort to bring along my gym clothes to go to the hotel gym/fitness center/whatever, but I never actually went. And they just took up valuable suitcase space.

Not very long ago however (seriously, like June), that changed. I’ve traveled a bit this summer and each time have actually gone to the hotel fitness center or went outside and walked and walked and walked – just to see the sights and get exercise. I kind of like it actually, it gives me down time to think while I’m away and I feel good too so that’s an added bonus.

So here I am in Illinois at this workshop for work – it is at this place called the Q Center and it sits on 95 acres of nature. Most of our days here are packed from 8am to 9/10pm (not joking, wish I was) but last night I got some time to go exploring the property and see what’s out there. My plan is to hit the fitness center early morning on Wednesday and Friday to get the training runs in for the week, but last night I scoped out the fitness trail that goes around the property and nearby river. And here’s what I saw:


I tell ya, it’s so much easier to get out do some exercise when that is what you’re wandering through. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I travel to Philadelphia in January for a conference – I’m fairly confident I won’t be seeing anything but cold cityscape – but who knows, maybe that will be cool also. Or I’ll just go to the hotel gym.

I have a feeling that though my scheduled training runs are Wednesday and Friday mornings, I may also end up in the gym Thursday morning as well. I can only sit and learn and collaborate and brainstorm for so many hours a day before going a little mad crazy. I’ll probably end up running on a treadmill at night just to burn off the energy. Or I’ll just go to bed. We’ll see. 🙂


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