if nothing ever changed…

…there’d be no butterflies.

Totally the motto of my life right now. This evening I realized how crazy different my life has become – even from just a few short months ago. So, let’s play this game. Six months ago, I never thought I would be the kind of person who:

  • runs over 30 minutes straight at a time, more than once a week.
  • can only work through problems in her mind by going running to process them all.
  • runs in the morning, afternoon, or evening without caring who saw her.
  • actually leaves a park and runs in the street and on sidewalks in neighborhoods.
  • goes to the fitness center or goes out running while traveling.
  • eats food for fuel and not just because “it is time to eat”.
  • doesn’t really crave the sugary desserts anymore.
  • actually gives up coffee and caffeine for the most part.
  • drinks huge amounts of water every day.
  • actually carries a water bottle with her all day.
  • works out twice a day.
  • hires a personal trainer to actually LEARN how to do shit properly.
  • just doesn’t give a shit what people think about her in her spandex running shorts.

It all just seems crazy to me. Crazy good, but crazy nonetheless. I honestly love my life right now. Truly. Not just the health and fitness part either – I have so many great things happening for me right now that I am feeling just really and truly blessed. 



  1. alibrariangirl · July 26, 2013

    As you point out very well, the good thing about constant exercise is that is helps our brains process the negative in a more positive way. Makes the whole day better. I’m a walker, and when I don’t walk for a few days and get down in the dumps and just want to lie in the bed, I make myself walk. And soon, voilà! I’ve got that pep in my step again! Your blog encourages me to increase my walks, so I really appreciate your silent persuasion. As for the bathroom habits, that’s just icing on the cake! OK, maybe that’s not the best analogy 🙂

  2. Melia Erin · July 26, 2013

    I agree – when I don’t run or do something, I get antsy and feel like there’s just a bunch of junk running around my head. It’s almost gotten to the point that if I can’t run, I get crabby. That’s kind of a problem because my body can’t handle running every single day for long times yet – but I’m working on it. I think my biggest problem right now is forcing myself to take breaks – I know my body needs to rest and I just have to make myself do it…without getting crabby. 🙂

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