about melia

Mom. Friend. Daughter. Ex/Wife. Seeker-of-knowledge. Feminist. Runner. Student. Crusader. Teacher. Writer. Survivor.

I am using this blog as a way to retell and share my story – the story of a woman who wanted to change her life a couple of years ago and began at obese, married, self-confident, and secure with the goal of finishing her “before 40” bucket list. That list included running a half-marathon, competing in a Tough Mudder race, running a full marathon, losing enough weight to no longer be obese and be a size 13, and earning tenure at my university. After starting strong and doing well, I changed direction at least a hundred times, lost 100 lbs, am a size 11…and set my whole damn life on fire.

Now recovering from the worst two years of my life and looking to the future, I work to put myself back together.  My story is about struggling against my own demons, recovering from a struggle with a real-life demon in the form of a psychopath, surviving emotional abuse, pouring my heart & soul into my work, discovering who my real friends in life are, and still keeping my relationship with my (now) ex-husband and son strong. Without the help of my very best friends and family, I wouldn’t be here today. Above all else, I survived. And now I am on this crazy journey of helping others and saving myself.

Along the way I am changing into the person I know I can (and will) be in life.

Always on a journey. Here we go.

no title needed


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