Yesterday I rode my bike with my friend for 10 miles. I am pretty happy about that except that I think we may have overdone it a bit because I hurt. I hurt worse yesterday and spent some time with ice on my knees (and a cat in my lap – very helpful for healing).

Ice on Knees; Cat on Lap; Husband on Couch. 🙂

So after some quality time with ice bags and Ibuprofen, I started to feel better. The knees are not too bad today but I have to be honest: the butt is killing me. Guess that was too much time on a bike seat for a novice rider like myself. But, I’ll get better. 🙂

I have been doing some reading on other websites and books about the best way to train with running. This morning I was on the nikerunning site and reading about a 5K training program that they have – I have one of their sports bands that talks to a receiver thing that I put on my shoe (I do not own a pair Nikes) and then it tracks my distance, time, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, in that particular program I was looking at, it was showing running more than I am doing now, in a more erratic pattern. So now I run Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and this program is more like run 2 days, take 1 off, then run 3, then take 1 off, then run 1, etc. – just very different than I am doing now. I’d like to try it but my work/life schedule just doesn’t allow me to be running on all sorts of days because I run in the morning and it affects what time I go in to work. But, I am going to try following it for its suggestions on distances to run and other general strength workouts to add.

Probably the coolest research I’ve done this week involved going to the library. Well, I was already there, but still. One of my friends works in the sports publishing industry and she kindly shared with me two books that she thought would help me. One was a general sports nutrition book and one was a vegetarian sports nutrition book. David and I are finding both of them really super helpful and I’m glad that sh recommended them to and also that my library had them and I didn’t have to buy them. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re planning on doing 2 miles again – actually, we’re going to do 2 miles all week and just work on stamina and stride. Then the week after we’ll start adding distance. We’ll see how that goes.


Week One: Done

Well, let me tell you that this whole training thing is not the easiest thing I’ve done. It’s definitely giving me some trouble – but trouble that’s worth it. I just don’t want to ever be someone who says “oh, learning to run? that was so easy! just have to do it!” – I want to be honest and say, “yes, it’s worth it. yes, if you keep doing it, you’ll succeed. but please know that it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done.”

Friday morning I was still so wiped out from the week that I slept way in – didn’t make it to work until 7:30 because I slept in so late. But, the sleep helped because I was walking without pain, just a little soreness. After work I had some drinks with work friends as it was the last day that R. worked with us. She’s heading off to graduate school at University of Denver and we wanted one last evening with her. And, between the extra eating this week because of the craving of more protein & carbs and then the drinks, there was no weight lost this week. Sad.

But, this morning I went on my bike ride with my friend S. and we rode 8 miles today! Eight miles! I am stoked. We rode Linear Trail from the entrance at Ft.Riley Blvd (S. Manhattan Ave Trail Head) all the way to Anderson Ave and back. Super awesome. And I feel good and not in pain. Love it. I like the biking added in with the running because it keeps me active and it’s different than just trying to run and walk everyday. We saw lots of people on the trail this morning – I’m guessing because it’s a little cooler today – and I’m now even more stoked about being one of them running the trail soon.

Off to the farmers’ market – tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I’m thinking about walking the short trail at Konza in the morning. Hmm….