Some Sore Quads

Well, I went out and ran Tuesday morning. Woot! And it didn’t really hurt. I was definitely tired but it didn’t hurt – not my knees at all. So I was stoked. We did Day One from the book I have about running (I’ll post tomorrow a link to it because I don’t have it with me to even remember what the heck it’s called) which consists of warming up, then running for 1 minute and recovery walking for 2 minutes, repeat 6 times. Except we were already in the middle of mile 2 when were done so we added in one more set and then walked the rest of the second mile and home.

I felt good all day at work. I had more energy – so much so that when I got home from work and a stupid errand (an appointment with my insurance agent – i.e., a sales pitch), I quickly changed clothes and walked The Cleo with David for 2 more miles. So for those of you adding, that’s 4+miles yesterday. And I know you all haven’t seen David walk before, so let me tell you that he is a determined fast walker. Yikes. Sometimes I can hardly keep up with him!

Moral of the story? Holy cow do my quads hurt today! I actually think it’s from not stretching before walking with The Cleo and David, not the running! Which kind of cracks me up.

Today is a rest day. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be back out for Day Two of the Training! Yay!


Okay. I’ll try again.

Once upon a time, there was an obese librarian who tried to blog about trying to be vegan and trying to be a runner and trying to be healthy and well, just trying.

But she didn’t do very well and let her blog die.

Except…here we are again.

I wonder sometimes why it is so easy to throw yourself out there and be proud of your accomplishments but so very hard to admit failure or complications. Granted, my life gets a little crazy every now and then. Or rather, all the time. But that shouldn’t be an excuse. If your life is hectic and full of activity then at some point that frenzy becomes the normal. Is that the way it should be? No. But we can only do so much at one time.

Tomorrow – back to Couch to 5K (or my version of it anyway). I’ve been away from running for so long because of injuries that I’m starting all over again. This way I will be sure to not hurt myself as I have been known to do. I get excited to be doing something and then end up overdoing it and getting hurt. But not this time. Tomorrow at 5a I will be out at the park starting again. Slowly.

And, let’s do the blog that way too – slowly. I won’t get all crazy and write 6 blog posts in a day. But I’ll shoot for daily or close to it. Maybe this will end up being somewhat of a decent blog after all.

Still on Track

So after the whole debacle of thinking I can just start running and do whatever I want a couple of days ago, I figured I better get on track with a training program again. However, I’ve lent my running book to a friend and didn’t have it accessible to me. Since I’ve registered for a 5K now officially (yikes!) for October 2nd, I decided to just check out one of the couch to 5K running programs out there to see where I was at on that chart.

It seems I’m still on track, even with the couple of setbacks recently. I did the first day workout for week 5 this morning which is 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk and then added on another 5 min jog. All together it was a little over 2 miles this morning. I feel pretty good about that and that I am still doing well for doing the 5K in October.

I had an iPod setback and the darn thing broke a couple of days ago and I had to restore it. And now I’m refiling it with music. The cool thing is that now I have a new running playlist. It turns out you can go to to itunes and search for running music. Who knew? LOL. I am now saving up for new headphones (hey, money doesn’t just fall outta trees around here – you got to save for everything) because mine keep popping out of my ears, especially when running in rain or heavy sweat. 🙂  David has the kind that wrap around your ear and I am going to get those once I get the money.

Tuesday morning I am going to do run 8 min, walk 5 min, run 8 min workout from the couch to 5K and see how that goes.