another training session

I write this tonight while sitting on my couch, legs on the ottoman, ice packs on my knees. Another lovely evening at my house. LOL

As I mentioned earlier, this is my first week of official personal training and my last week of training with my son for the race. Yesterday evening’s plans for running and training were completely thrown out the window because it was raining, raining, raining. And since I have yet to go buy a new membership to a gym, heavy downpour = no working out or running. So it was moved to this evening instead. I worked a little later today than didn’t get home until later than normal and since my trainer told me we were running this evening, my husband went running with my son while I was still work. That way, he still gets to run and I wouldn’t have to run twice in one night back to back.

But see, I assumed we were doing a long distance run tonight but my evil trainer (which is what I’m referring to him now, of course with nothing but love) had other ideas. We went for a jog for a “warm-up” – he seriously has a sick sense of what a warm up is, let me tell you – and then went to a quarter mile track here in town. And then he had me do a HIIT session there. It’s a damn good thing I didn’t run with my son beforehand as I had originally planned because I was sucking wind as it was. I don’t think I’ve ran sprints since like junior high. Holy shit, I hurt. And had some side stitches because Lord knows I was not controlling my breathing. BUT!! I did it. I survived another training session.

For real though, it sucks during the session but I feel good when I’m done – that I’ve accomplished it – I made it through and finished. And as I work towards my goals and work through these sessions, I will see results and be super happy about it all in time. Except the homework part – I hate the homework part. Homework is sit-ups and push-ups every night – I hated them when I was in school and I still hate them today. But I’m not being stubborn for once and actually following directions. Shocking, I know.

That’s the update for today. Tomorrow and Thursday my son and I run; Thursday is also plyometric workout day work with my trainer. And then Friday is our off day because the race is Saturday! Holla!


New Shoes!! And Pain.

First, last Thursday was my birthday. I seem to now be 35. How did that happen? But the cool thing is that a couple of bffs got me gift cards and cash and I was able to go to our local running store (Manhattan Running Company – it rocks, btw) and buy new shoes. I’m so happy. My old shoes are years old and pretty much done. So I spent my birthday evening at the store running around in different shoes until I found my new pair. They are Newtons and they’re pretty boss. They have this weird extra thing in them that kind of work as a lever and help me run better.

As I mentioned earlier, I was in Nebraska this past weekend and was unsure of how I was going to run 8 miles. My mom and I drove out to the country – but even going out 4 miles and then returning seemed too creepy. I think I’ve seen the Children of the Corn movie too many times. And yes, as my stepdad pointed out to me, I know there’s no corn right now. But still. Too alone and too creepy. So I went for the run to the park and then run the walking trail there a bunch of times and then run back to my mom’s house option. The trail is some messed up distance like 1 and 1/8 mile so figuring out how many times to run it, with the run to it and back was interesting. When I got back to my mom’s street, I was at a weird 8.5 miles so I figured “what the hell” and ran around the neighborhood until I hit 9 miles. Seemed easier to figure out my pace that way. My sportsband thing needs to be recalibrated because it is off about .09 every mile so it makes math interesting. Overall, I’m pleased with my pace considering I’ve never ran 9 miles before. And because of the pain. Oh, the pain.

I have this weird pain in my upper right thigh that I cannot explain nor figure out what damn muscle it is. Dave thought is was the pelvic muscle and for awhile I thought it was the top of IT band but it seems more horizontal than that. I need to figure out what it is though because it’s so sore. By the time I walked into my mom’s house I was limping so horribly that I think she was a bit concerned. And my knees were very weak – walking up down the stairs at her house was not fun. After showering I sat in a chair with ice on my knees and this electrode thing (yes, I just linked to Wikipedia) that my mom owns on that right leg muscle for about a half hour. And then it was like magic – my leg didn’t hurt again for hours. I think I would like to have one of those things in my life for sure.

Today is a general soreness day and I still can’t get out of a chair/sitting position without my knees giving out a little. Awesome. But, I feel fantastic besides. My husband on the other hand is a different story. When I got back from Nebraska, I came home to a very sick David and he is home from work today, which he never does. So I know he’s pretty bad. I may have to go home later and work from home so I can help take care of him. He’s kind of a hot mess. But in order to do that, I need to get cracking on my day – of course no one is here yet because I get to work too damn early but by 7a I’m sure I will start to see some colleagues coming in the hallway. And my desk is a disaster. Wow. That’s all I have to say about that. Wow.

Hey, Hey, F’n 10K

Totally just stole that blog title from my friend D who said that very same thing to me on Monday via gchat. 🙂

So, I haven’t written since the race last Saturday – so you may be thinking that I didn’t finish it. But, you’d be wrong because I totally finished it. And I’m pretty proud of myself for that. It was more of a struggle than I thought it would be though – and not because of my foot. Instead it was because of the sun. Oh, the hot, hot sun. See, I run most days in the morning before work – when it’s cool – and dark. It was hot last Saturday and I totally wasn’t prepared for the heat. But even though I had a hurt foot, hadn’t run all week, and the darn sun was freakishly hot and bright, I finished the 10K. Can I get an Amen?

I spent the rest of the weekend with shin splints and then when I went to run again, I could not because my left foot in the arch hurt like hell. Yes, another injury. You know the saying, “if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”? That’s kinda how I feel most of the time. So I went to my friendly medical librarian and made her do research with me and it seems I have a fallen arch issue in my left foot (disclaimer: one should go to the doctor with injuries and not follow my example and bug your friendly medical librarian – she is not a doctor LOL). A lot of the stuff I read described overpronation causes. I started to pay attention this week to how I walk and stand and sure enough, I freaking overpronate. Who would’ve guessed? Therefore, no running this week and lots of rest for my foot. And I busted out my arch support things that I’ve had for years and never wore. I guess I should’ve listened years ago when they said I needed more arch support and wore them, huh?

Friday Dave and Cleo and I went for a jog/walk after work to test out my foot. Besides being horrible at running because it had now been 2 weeks since I ran (not counting the 10K), it went okay. I have my arch supports in my running shoes now and that does seem to help.

Shelly had the great idea of switching our long run days to Sundays since our half-marathon is on a Sunday so that’s what we did today. The training schedule called for an 8-mile run today and then next week to fall back a bit and only do a 6-mile run. Since I hadn’t really done any real training runs this week, I decided to flip the weeks. I’ll do an 8-mile run next weekend and this weekend I was going to do just what I could do without hurting my foot.

In case you’re wondering, 8 miles is running around Manhattan’s Anneburg Park 5 times and that’s what Shelly did – I of course did not. But I did do it 4 times – a 10K distance – and I didn’t really stop ever. It was a slower pace at times, but I made it. Heck, I shaved off 5 minutes from the time it took me to do the 10K last week. I’m feeling pretty rock star right now, gotta be honest. And I feel way better than I did last week. I think that’s a good sign.

Now I need to mentally prepare myself for running 8 miles next weekend. And I’ll be at my mom’s house in Nebraska with my son so I’m unsure where I will do the run at the moment. My best idea so far has been to ask my mom to drive me out of town on a country road 8 miles and drop me off and I’ll run back to her house. Sounds awesome, right? Ha. We’ll see what I end up doing. Onto the next week!

So Close…

After finally getting on board with the whole “I have to drink 100,000 gallons of water every day idea” last week, I was able to really start feeling better. Though, seriously, do you have any idea how many times you have to use the restroom when you drink 100,000 gallons of water a day? It’s ridiculous.

Saturday I met my super awesome training friend at linear trail and we did our 5 mile run scheduled for that day. It actually ended up being more than 5 miles because we went a little further than 2.5 before we turned around and came back. My time was the best yet – I was pretty darn happy. Well, I was pretty darn happy once I stopped being sore. And sunburned. Who knew that running in the sun would cause sunburn?

Actually, I realized that I need to run more during the day. I run so often before the sun rises that I’m really not conditioned to running in the heat of the sun. It’s something I’m going to have to figure out these next few weeks for sure.

Oh, and SATURDAY IS THE 10K!!!! That’s only like 3 days from now!

But – and here’s the part where you should just stop reading because it’s pretty sappy and emotional – as usual, I’ve managed to screw myself over. Remember the stupid incident a couple weeks ago where I wore 4-inch heels and sprained my toes on my right foot? Well, I thought they had healed just fine. But two days ago, they were starting to hurt again. Yesterday morning they were really bad. I went to my chiropractor and had him do some work on them because I was thinking they may have just been jammed. Nope, there is some bone/muscle combo there (I don’t remember what the heck it was called) that is bruised and whatnot. By the end of the day yesterday, I could not walk on my right foot. My three middle toes on my right foot cannot move/curl without shooting pain down my foot and the area of my foot that connects to those toes (can you tell I did NOT take a biology course?) is extremely sore and hurts.

Why the pain all of a sudden? Well, two days ago I wore a pair mule/slide type shoes. Yesterday I had on sandal flip flops. Turns out that those toes had not completely healed and from wearing those two types of shoes, I put so much pressure on those bones/muscles again that they’re all jacked up. Again. Turns out all those doctors who say flip flops are like the worse thing ever were correct.

Here’s the sappy part:  not going to lie, I sat on the couch with my foot up, wrapped up in ice and cried. I am so upset. SO UPSET. If I can’t get this to heal by Saturday and run that 10K, I am honestly going to be so pissed at myself that I will not talk to anyone for days. Okay, not really – everyone who knows me won’t believe that I wouldn’t talk for days. But seriously – how many times is this going to happen? How many times will I get so close to a goal and have something go wrong? Granted, I am so much further than I was last time in distance, but still, I just don’t get it nor understand. I swear I’m doing that 10K this Saturday if I have to walk/limp the damn thing.

So, I’m kinda a hot mess today. I’m really mad at myself, a little depressed and disheartened, and in pain. Don’t you want to come and hang out with me today? Fortunately, I’m a hell of an actress so I’ll be able to put it aside while teaching and in meetings today. But other than that – you probably shouldn’t come talk to me today – unless you want to see me wallowing and pissed off at myself.

But, this too shall pass. I’m sure tomorrow will be super fantastic. Right?

Another Week of Learning and Adjusting

Two weeks from today I will be running in a 10K. Weird, right?

This past week has been interesting as far as training goes. Tuesday and Wednesday morning runs were good – both a little over 3 miles. And it’s crazy warm here for March so there wasn’t a jacket involved, which was nice, but I sure didn’t expect how hot I would be and how quickly I would get hot. I wear a bandana tied around my head when I run because I have some crazy ass hair that is just too much deal with when running – but that bandana really felt weird after awhile because my head was darn hot. Seriously – it was like my head was an oven. Luckily for me, my mom rocks and she bought/sent me a Buff that I had on a wish list and it arrived today! Oh, you don’t know what a Buff is? It’s awesome – here’s a video that shows all the different things it can do.

Friday morning’s run both sucked and scared me. I only did a mile because my kneecap kept slipping. I don’t know how else to explain that – but that’s what it felt like. With every stride, it moved from left to right and felt messed up. I didn’t have excruciating pain – but I knew with my past knee problems that I better stop and get it checked out. It’s similar to my knee pain last year, but this time I can stop it and support it better before it gets all jacked up and turns into patella femoral again. I need to baby it more on non-run days. And, when running…hello, knee brace.

The thing about a knee brace or sleeve or whatever they’re called is that they’re either “one size fits all” or only go up to large. And as I may have mentioned before, I’m neither just a large or a one size fits all. I think between Dave and I, we own 15 different knee things, none of which I can wear because my thigh is too damn big. But, we set out again to search for one that maybe, just maybe, would work. After a lot of silliness at the store that involved both he and I trying on different styles and jogging around in circles in the store, we found a winner.

This morning then was a run with the darn thing on my knee. I don’t love it – it feels a little too bulky for me – but I’ll get used to it. If wearing the darn thing means I can continue running, then so be it. I’ll be happy though when my legs are smaller and I can just do the thinner sleeves.

Oh, and this morning? I finally figured out that I cannot just roll out of bed and go run. I need to warmup more than what I’m doing. That first mile is such a killer and awkward and weird but once I get going, I’m good. We did just over 5 miles today which is awesome. I am going to need to make sure I get completely warmed up for that 10K so I can do the 6 miles in good form and not waste time hobbling the first mile.

This evening I spent time showing off my new leg muscles to Dave. Yes, we’re dorks, what can I say? But I do have some cool leg muscles. 🙂

This coming week the run days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (shorter 3-4 miles) and the long run on Saturday (doing 5 miles again). This weekend is a laid-back weekend – I’m making sure to rest after running this morning and will do the same tomorrow. Dave and I are probably going to have breakfast tomorrow as our celebration. That would be our celebration of our 1 year anniversary which is technically the 19th (Monday) but it’s also kinda this weekend so we’re celebrating now. No gifts – all of our money goes toward our trip in April, what we’re calling our honeymoon since we didn’t go on one last year – just a meal together and getting up and running before work on Monday. Very romantic. LOL

On a clothes-related note, this week I learned the joy of not wearing cotton when running. Wow, I cannot believe the difference it makes!! I never want to go back to cotton t-shirts or shorts again. Though I need a shirt or two – the only two dri-wick shirts we have is one of Dave’s that’s too big for me and caused ouch chafing on my arms and another that is too small and it’s tight and uncomfortable. So I’m hoping at some point to save my money for a shirt that fits. But honestly, I’d rather wear the two that don’t fit than a cotton shirt – especially in this heat!

13 miles this week. 5 miles today. I’m starting to wonder who this person is – can it really be me? I’m feeling pretty awesome though – gotta be honest. 🙂

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Okay, I promise this post isn’t really about shampooing hair (though additional amounts of showers/washing hair each day from running is seriously stripping out my hair color & making me angry). But it is about repeating, and in this case, about repeating week two. Today I am going to start a do-over and do the week two training schedule again and not start week three because week two just never really happened.

The week of “crap, this just isn’t going to happen” started on Sunday. I woke up feeling SO crappy. I’ve been feeling badly with different ailments the last few months (from different reasons that now cause me to eat differently and take pills in the morning. I hate pills.) so I had been pretty excited that I was feeling good again. And then Sunday came. I think it was the beginning of a cold or sinus infection or something. All I knew was moving made my head hurt worse and me lightheaded. So thinking I was going to be smart and beat the darn thing, I stayed on the couch all day with oranges, orange juice, and water. And some food. 🙂 But no running happened. It did seem to work because I haven’t felt that head congestion/pain for the rest of the week.

Before I begin to explain what happened the rest of the week, I should admit that sometimes I can be a bit vain. As in the “I probably shouldn’t do this, but I look cute” kind of way. This vanity problem usually rears its ugly head when it comes to shoes. And having admitted that, here’s what happened to the rest of the week…Monday morning I did in fact feel better and decided to wear a fabulous pair of jeans I have that are actually long enough to wear with heels (this is hard for me since I’m so freaking tall that jeans are rarely long enough to do that). I figured, heck, why not wear my 4-inch heeled boots? What could possibly be wrong with that? They’re so cute and all…What I did not consider on Monday morning was that I was going to be at work for 12 hours that day, on my feet teaching, and walking across campus multiple times during the day.

That may not sound that bad – except I don’t wear heels very often and that was WAY overdoing it. By the time I got home, I could not walk without feeling like my knees and ankles were going to give out and feeling a horrible burning pain in the balls of my feet. When I took the shoes off finally, I cried. Tears. My toes were in so much pain that I could not move them. At all. The next day they were just as bad. I could not bend my toes and therefore could not walk completely on my feet and looked like a moron limping/walking throughout the library all day. I at first thought some of my toes were strained and/or sprained (remember, I’m a big girl so that’s a lot of weight on my little toes for 12 hours) but later decided they were just jammed because I was able to (warning: gross stuff coming) crack and pop them all back into place by the end of the day Tuesday. Though I think almost worse than the pain was having to admit to people why I was in so much pain. I wanted to make up some great adventure story but instead went for the truth: shoes.

As you may have guessed, this jacked my feet up for the rest of the week. By Wednesday though, I was at least walking normally though still in pain. As I sit here writing this today, my two big toes (do they have a real name? or do we just call them “big toes”?) are still tender. No running happened the rest of the week until yesterday morning. I got up at quarter till five and was out at the park by 5:05am (wow!) running. David is gone for the weekend so it was just me. I for the first time since I started training again, put on my sports band watch thing that tracks my pace, time, distance, etc. and decided to start running and just see how I could go after a few days off.

I made myself keep running for 35 minutes. I did walk a block in there because my legs felt a little shaky for a minute but the rest of it I ran and I ended up doing 2.67 miles. I know that’s not fast but I don’t care. I was able to run that straight (minus one block) and I’m freaking ecstatic about it.

Later this afternoon after all my company leaves (which right now consists of my son, a bff’s two dogs, my mom’s dog and later this morning will also include my mom and stepdad, their other dog, and other family members), I am going to go to the park across town and run for 35 minutes again – the time for the day one, week two schedule instead of the week three schedule. I feel like I need a real “week two” before I get into week three.

But this decision does set me back a week on the training schedule. And…I don’t care. Since my friend and I haven’t selected a specific race to run yet, and when we do, I doubt it’s going to line up exactly with my schedule, I know I have some leeway here. We are going to sit down this evening and pick out a race and work on our training schedule and other things that friends do when they’re crazy enough to decide to run half-marathon together. The weird thing is, the more I think about it, the more I want to go ahead and train for the whole marathon. Crazy, right? It just feels right to me to have this goal and work towards it. But that will be another story for a different day.

Right now I’m going to drink another gallon of water. 🙂

Yesterday I rode my bike with my friend for 10 miles. I am pretty happy about that except that I think we may have overdone it a bit because I hurt. I hurt worse yesterday and spent some time with ice on my knees (and a cat in my lap – very helpful for healing).

Ice on Knees; Cat on Lap; Husband on Couch. 🙂

So after some quality time with ice bags and Ibuprofen, I started to feel better. The knees are not too bad today but I have to be honest: the butt is killing me. Guess that was too much time on a bike seat for a novice rider like myself. But, I’ll get better. 🙂

I have been doing some reading on other websites and books about the best way to train with running. This morning I was on the nikerunning site and reading about a 5K training program that they have – I have one of their sports bands that talks to a receiver thing that I put on my shoe (I do not own a pair Nikes) and then it tracks my distance, time, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, in that particular program I was looking at, it was showing running more than I am doing now, in a more erratic pattern. So now I run Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and this program is more like run 2 days, take 1 off, then run 3, then take 1 off, then run 1, etc. – just very different than I am doing now. I’d like to try it but my work/life schedule just doesn’t allow me to be running on all sorts of days because I run in the morning and it affects what time I go in to work. But, I am going to try following it for its suggestions on distances to run and other general strength workouts to add.

Probably the coolest research I’ve done this week involved going to the library. Well, I was already there, but still. One of my friends works in the sports publishing industry and she kindly shared with me two books that she thought would help me. One was a general sports nutrition book and one was a vegetarian sports nutrition book. David and I are finding both of them really super helpful and I’m glad that sh recommended them to and also that my library had them and I didn’t have to buy them. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re planning on doing 2 miles again – actually, we’re going to do 2 miles all week and just work on stamina and stride. Then the week after we’ll start adding distance. We’ll see how that goes.