tomorrow is race day!

Tomorrow is race day! I’m pretty excited – and also quite surprised that these last four weeks went by so darn fast. I cannot believe it is August already! In preparation for tomorrow morning, today is rest day. No running for my son and me today – just hanging out and resting (well, and going to work for me!) – and drinking lots of water. Tonight I’m going to make the classic “before race” meal – pasta. My son is most excited about that part I think. πŸ™‚

The race begins at 7:10am tomorrow so we’ll be up bright and early. My mom is coming down from Nebraska to see her daughter and grandson finish their first 5K together. And then after the race and the showers and recovery, we’ll just get to hang out the rest of the weekend which will be fantastic.

Stay tuned for post-race photos!


kicking it up a notch

Today (Sunday) was my first day back at it after taking two whole days of rest – no working out nor running on Friday or Saturday. I way overdid it last week while traveling – with running for so long – and my body was definitely letting me know it was time to take a break. So, I listened.

But, today pretty much rocked. It was my first official day working out with newly kinda-hired personal trainer. He has helped me along the way the last year or so but today started our very serious we’re-going-to-get-this-shit-done working out. And today was upper body and arms and he pretty much killed me. Well, in the beginning I was already dying and then he said, “okay, now that we’ve warmed up…we can get started” and you know I thought I might punch him. But I didn’t – I just did what he said and called him names in my head for the next hour. It’s probably a good thing I counted him as a friend before we started this because otherwise I might hate him by the time we’re done. I mean, of course, not really – he’s totally helping me out and teaching me how to do everything the right away which is awesome. And frankly, anyone who puts up with me in the gym or working out while outside wins a gold star in my book. Shocking as this may be, I’m not the easiest person to get along with sometimes. LOL.

After I got home, the family and I went out to run the course for the 5K next Saturday. I wanted my son to get a feel for it – a straight 5K distance through town, not just running around a park, and of course the three hills that are included. We don’t normally run hills so we needed to get some practice. And he did fantastic! I’m so proud of him. From someone who never went (nor wanted to go) running, he is such a trooper. We finished the course in 45 minutes and of course for most runners, that’s way slow, but we don’t care. Especially since last week we did the 5K distance in 51 minutes! Woot! We’re gaining!

So, those are my happy working out updates for today. Later this week I’ll give some stats updates since a lot has changed there. But for now, I leave you with photos from the plane when I flew home Friday evening from Chicago. So beautiful, you’d almost think they were fake!



training schedule update – and new running shorts!

Today is the last day of the second week of training for me and my son. Only two more weeks until the race! This morning we ran at a park in town that if you go around it twice, you’ve basically completed a 5K. We did the same thing last weekend – I figure it helps him get a feel for what that distance is since our training schedule so far has not hit that mark in distance. The schedule for today was to walk 5 minutes, (run 8 minutes, walk 1 minute)x3, walk 4 minutes. This was the first day he had to run longer than 5 minutes at a time and he had to do it 3 times. We’re slow runners so we weren’t done with the second lap when we finished the third set so after we recovered a bit, we did another set. In other words, he just ran for a total of 32 minutes and survived. πŸ™‚

As for my own training schedule with my husband, we’re now running 13 minutes at a time with 1 minute breaks in between. Except because he doesn’t have to run the training schedule with my son on Sundays like I do, these last two weeks he has ran most of the 5K distance all at once while my son and I do our own thing. But my husband is in way better shape than me so I’m not worried about the fact that he can run longer than I can. I’m actually quite proud of him for running as much as he does considering when I told him a year or so ago that I wanted to start running he looked at me like I was crazy and said he wouldn’t run with me – he’d walk or ride a bike with me, but not run. Ha. See what a year or two will do? Now he’s just as hooked as I am.

In clothing-related news, I won/received a $100 Amazon gift card a couple of weeks ago and I used it to do some online shopping for things I cannot find in my size here in town: Β really great sports bras and running shorts. This week was the first time running with my new purchases and I am in IN LOVE with my new shorts. Until now, I just ran in cut-off sweat pants or basketball shorts. I have been to many stores in town to buy real running shorts – you know, the kind that are not 15,000 inches long and full of fabric that make running basically suck – but no store here carries them in my size unless I buy men’s running shorts and those have way too much waist. So until now, I’ve just dealt with it. The last two runs were super fantastic. What a difference. I now want to buy 3 more pairs so I can have enough to not have to do laundry 500 times a week. They just became my new wish list items. Seriously cannot believe the difference. I highly recommend to others to take the time to find them online if you can’t buy them locally – it’s worth it. Truly.

Onto my day of working and packing – need to get ready to leave town tomorrow for a work thing that lasts all week. Thankfully where I am going has trails to run and a fitness center. My plan is to hit them hard and come back right on track – I’m gone for 5 days and I can’t afford to fall behind. But I have faith in myself on this one. πŸ™‚


changing up the training schedule

We’ve been doing some adjusting to the training schedule – for example, I am no longer doing two-a-days as much as I was. It kinda kicks my ass. A lot. I end up turning into this really tired zombie who is not any fun to be around. I no longer run in the mornings that I run in the evening. It still ends up being that I am running every day except one rest day though so at least I still get my running fix in constantly. πŸ˜‰

Another change we’ve had to make is due to the weather. I just cannot in good faith make my son go running in the 100 degree heat at 5:30pm. It seems a bit cruel. And unsafe. Today’s heat index is supposed to crazy again so we’re flip-flopping today with tomorrow. That means that he and I will run tomorrow and Sunday morning and then again on Monday. Three days in a row is about the max I would ask him to do so I feel okay with this decision. Better that than him passing out at the park while running.

I am leaving to go to a workshop/conference thing for work next week and will be gone the entire week. This means that my husband will be running with my son next week so he keeps on schedule. It will be our third week and his running times will be ranging from 10 to 15 minutes of running at a time before adding in walk breaks. And of course, I’ll be doing the same training schedule while I’m away (plus my regular running schedule) – the place I am going to has a fitness center. I’ve done pretty well this summer with using hotel gyms while traveling – that’s a huge change from the past when I would pack my workout clothes, but never actually go to the gym. The times they are a’changing.

That’s all – not much to report on right now besides a crazy busy week at work. But I will leave you with a fabulous photo of the sun starting to set in my backyard. πŸ™‚

Gold Sky

training with my son

I thought it might be best to actually give an update about running for once. You know, rather than writing about randomness or showcasing photographs. I mean after all, part of the goal of my blog was to share with others the journey of becoming a runner while being overweight. πŸ™‚

My son and I are now on our second week of the 4-week training schedule to get him ready to do the 5K with me on August 3rd (the 5th Annual Brew 2 Shoe Race) and he is doing super well. I have to admit, I expected a lot more moaning and groaning about it considering he stays up until 4am and gets up at noon. I mean, he is 15 after all. But, there has been none of that. My biggest problem is teaching him footfall and cadence (the first few times he kinda sounded like a Clydesdale or clodhopper). But I’ve sent him youtube videos about posture, form, running, etc. and work with him while running. The second problem we’ve had is his darn hair. He has my crazy ass thick hair and he is kind of growing it out – so he ends up with a large mop of hair that I just don’t know what to do with while running. We’ve done bandanas and hats but what I really want to do is slap a ponytail on him to get it off his face. He however is NOT okay with this idea – he is still VERY concerned about gender expression and appearance and does not want a ponytail. Sigh. Add that to my list of things to teach him. πŸ™‚

But, I’m still running in the mornings as well – so in the morning I run for about 45/50 minutes and then after work on training days, I run with my son. This causes some tiredness (hence my two-a-days post earlier). On off training days, my son and I are doing lunges, squats, push-ups, and weights. It’s quite the little workout gym factory over at my house these days. But I keep on it with my son so he understands the importance overall fitness when running – it’s not just about the leg muscles after all. And he’s coming around.

The best part of running with him is that I’m guaranteed that 4 days a week, I get him all to myself for almost an hour. No music, no TV, no Minecraft, no Wii, no YouTube, etc. Just he and I talking about all sorts of things ranging from playing games (shocking) to what he remembers as a kid from before his dad and I divorced. Seriously – I wouldn’t trade this time with for the world.

And now, a super awesome photo of my son and me before we went running last night. Love this kid so much. So. Much.

Getting Ready to Run

so many changes

Now that I’ve been running for over a month or so, I finally see some changes. Some are good, some are bad – well, not bad, but rather, challenging. For example, I LOVE dying my hair and changing it constantly. In fact, it’s kinda my thing. My guess is that I go through at least 10 to 15 hair color changes every year. One of the things I like to do with changing my hair is to have crazy colors or vivid or different colors. Except here’s the challenge (and a hair color lesson for you): bright, vivid color fades very quickly. Especially red – which is the color I most recently had. The less you wash your hair, the longer it lasts. But even if it gets wet, without shampooing, it still fades out.

So, when you run every day and then start adding in more workouts or runs in the same day, you take a lot of showers. In the last two weeks, my hair faded out at least 6 shades and that’s with me redoing it while at my mom’s last week. Ugh. So frustrating. But I’m in love with running and how I feel from it so I did what any responsible rockstar unicorn would do, I dyed it somewhat close to my natural hair color and now it’s all normal. Boo. I think in a couple of weeks I’ll add in highlights or something, but for now, it’s just brown – but at least it’s not running down my shower drain anymore. πŸ™‚

So what are the good changes? Well, because I’ve completely changed my eating lifestyle and now exercise and run a lot, I’ve lost weight and my clothes don’t fit anymore. Again, awesome, but challenging. Sadly, “go out and buy all new clothes” is not in my current budget and plus, at this rate, I wouldn’t be wearing them for very long before they, too, would not fit. And it’s not just a weight issue – I see physical changes too – if you would’ve been in my colleagues’ office this morning, you would’ve witnessed me showing off my newly sculpted calf muscles. LOL

The reason I’ve been running so much more is twofold: one, adding in my son’s training schedule for the 5K he and I are doing next month is causing me to work out in the evenings and in the morning (when I run with Dave). Two, you know, I gotta admit – I’m a little addicted to running. And the feeling it gives me. So even when I tell myself I’m going to take a day off, by 5pm, I’m antsy and twitchy and just want to get outside and run and so, I do. It’s crazy and I love it.

That’s it for today – time for me to go do something to control the antsy urge to go run – I ran this morning but still want to go tonight; however, I’m a smart cookie who knows better than to run in a 112 degree heat index when I’m already wore out. πŸ™‚